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International Waters

International Waters QSL

Great Britain


British Isles Ireland International Waters





North America

Central America, Caribbean

South America



New loggings 1993

New loggings 1994

New loggings 1995


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International Waters

International Waters QSL

Great Britain


British Isles Ireland International Waters





North America

Central America, Caribbean

South America



New loggings 1993

New loggings 1994

New loggings 1995

Original Preface(Original data file "READ ME" updated and corrected)


The Northern Beacon


Edition closed on May 1st, 1994 with a few additional corrections since then.


Welcome to "The AMazing AM(AM Radio Days in Norway 1945-1993)"!


This is the 3rd edition of an enormous collection of Long-and Medium Frequency Broadcasting Stations monitored in Norway.


It first appeared in 1974 with Arvid Fr¿sland and Svenn Martinsen as editors. A new edition emerged in 1979 with the same persons in charge, while the current edition has been worked on since the middle of the 1980s, with a special intense period since 1990.


The task has been particularly difficult this time.


Both editors have been very busy in their daily work.


We have also witnessed a vast amount of changes during the last  years, within ex-USSR, East Europe, Germany etc., and it has been quite a challenge to stay in touch with all those changes.


A lot of work has also been put into the fields of Ireland, UK, International Waters, Holland, incl. the land based pirates there, Military stations etc.


Then, the collecting and editing of notes for the separate countries and parts of the world have taken much time. In the end, one Apple Macintosh(and a 50 MHz 486 PC for the final formatting) computer at each of the editors did a great difference. We have used one of the better spreadsheet programs (Microsoft Excel 5.0 for Windows/4.0 for the Mac), and we are able to supply data in these and other data formats for DOS/Windows and the Macintosh. The basic listing of material has been done by Kjell Arne, while the finishing work for the European, African, Asian, North American, and Caribbean parts has been done by Svenn.  The finishing work for Latin America, and the lay-out for the whole publication was done by Kjell Arne.


The data version may be used for historical reference, but might also be used as platform for your own country lists, personal log lists, and lists of several types.


Please note, however, that any new lists produced from this licensed product, have to be authorised by the editors of The AMazing AM before work can start.


You are however, without further notice, authorised to make changes in the listings, by correcting them, or adding information to them.


The editors would be glad to be notified of important corrections and additions.


Comments to the listings.


All in all, we have followed a traditional way of listing the  stations.


The first column is the logged frequency.

The second column has some



1000 v Station was varying in frequency

1000 a Station's approximate frequency

1000 # Station has closed.

1000 x Station's old frequency

1000 n Station's new frequency

1000 h Station logged on harmonic of fundamental frequency

1000 s Station's spurious frequency

1000 d Logging via daytime propagation


The third column is for station call letters.

The fourth column is for station name.

There are different ways of listing the name. Both the method of listing all known names in this column and listing older names after an "ex" in the notes after each section are used. The first method is especially suitable for transmitters with several identifications. =, and () means both same as...

and b) for station transmitter site. There are different ways of listing the site. In all cases, we have tried to come as near as possible to the actual geographical spot of transmitter and towers/wire. However, for USA and Canada, the traditional city/town of license is maintained. For these areas, the site may be indicated in the comments column.


For The United Kingdom, the closest known name to the site has been used in some cases, as several of IBA/RA/BBC sites are quite difficult to find on maps, and the original IBA contracting areas were quite approximate. E.g. 1530 Huddersfield&Halifax.Transmitter in the Kirklees area, site name Vicars Lot. On the

other hand, the famous BBC site names are all used. 


For Ireland, even actual house is used in some cases.  E.g. John Thewlis, Joe Jackson.


For e.g. Germany, ex-USSR and Spain, the site is indicated after an - of actual city. E.g. 810 Berlin-Charlottenburg. If more is known, the comments will contain this information, e.g.Savignyplatz in this particular case.


The fifth column is for state/county of a particular country. Not used much, but covered for ex-USSR, Mexico, the USA, Canada, and South America.

The sixth column is for country, mainly according to ITU abbreviations.

The seventh column is for a number indicating a note/comment.

The large eighth column is for the year listings between 1945-1992. An x will indicate a logging of the station on the channel in question that year.

The right and last columns deal with FFN, first from Norway, the first known logging of the station, firstly person's signature, and then date.

The notes/comments are for comments on loggins/station or any related topic. These follow each section, and the numbers here correspond with column seven in the main listing.


1993 listings indicating new stations or stations on new channels are in a separate file. Some offshoot lists, plus 1922-1944 listings for some areas, will become available during the next year or so. Write for details. Lists of Long and Medium Wave Beacons, plus Utility Medium Wave are also in the making.




AB    Arnstein Bue, Trondheim

AF    Arvid Fr¿sland, Bergen/Mandal/Br¿nn¿ysund/Lakselv/Farsund

AH    Arnfinn H¿igŒrd, Madla

AHO   Arvid Husdal, Orkanger

AH   Aslak Hakedal, Grovane

AL    Asbj¿rn Lie, Haugesund

AM    Arnfinn Mong, Egersund

AMY   Arnold Myhre, Slagen

AOF   AF and OF, Lakselv

AS    Arnfinn S¾tre, Orkanger

ASK   Arild Skalmeraas, Rissa

    Alf rdal, Gursk¿y

BE    Bernt Erfjord, Kvinesdal/Kristiansand

BH    Bjarne Mjelde, BerlevŒg

BR¯   TN, KM, Br¿nn¿ysund

DL    Dag Leraand, Buvika

DLF   Dag Leraand, Finnmark

LA150 Tore Eikeri, Oslo

LA232 Leiv Hov, Hundorp

DX632 ¯ Nyb¿, Hardbakke

EA    Edmund Austigard, rdal i Ryfylke

EE    Ellmann Ellingsen, Hamar/Oslo

EG    TW, PI, RM, Egersund

FNL   TN, AF, RM, Bergen

GS    Geir Stokkeland, Vestnes

GSA   GS at these Arctic QTHs: Hopen, Bj¿rn¿ya, Jan Mayen

GSF   GS in Finnmark

HAH   Harry H¿gberg, Hamar/snes

HAŒ   Hans Anton lien, Eggedal/Oslo

HB    Henning Bergseth, Haslum

IK    Ingolf Kapelrud, Trondheim

IS    Ivar Stormo, sen/Trondheim/Spikkestad

ISS   IS, Sula

JA    Jan Alvestad, Borhaug/Sola/Sandnes

JAM   Jan Alvestad, Mong

JAX   Jan Alvestad, mobile QTHs (mainly M¿re og Romsdal)

JGG   Jarl Georg Grov, Hauge i Dalane

JH   Jens Harald Aamodt, Hauge i Dalane

JPV   Jon Peder Vestad, Molde

JS    Jarle SynnevŒg, Oslo

JSV   John Svendsen, Eidsvoll/L¿renskog/Vestby

KAO   Kjell Arne Olsen, Brumunddal/Oslo

KAOF  KAO, Kirkenes/Lakselv

KAOM  KAO, Molde/Bud/Rekdalstranda

KHO   Knut Hongr¿, Oslo

KL    Kjell Larsen, Kots¿y

KM    Kai Mauseth, Stj¿rdal/Bardufoss/Oslo

KMV   KM, Vads¿

KOH   Knut Olav Hande, Jar

KRH   Kjetil RŒ Hauge, L¾rdal

LAX   BH, KM, OF, AF, TN, Lakselv

MAG2  GS, Mager¿ya

MF    Magne F¿rde, Bremanger/Flor¿

MS    Morten Selnes, Trondheim

NS    NjŒl SkŒr, rdal i Ryfylke

OE    Ole Eikrem, Kristiansund

OF    Ole Forr, Hundorp/Lakselv/Bardufoss

OJS   Odd J¿rgen Sagdahl, Rissa/Trondheim

ON    Olav Nordli, Follebu

OT    Oddleiv Tungland, Mandal

OU    Ottar Ullestad, rdal i Ryfylke

PH    Petter Haugan, Levanger

PI    Per Ingebretsen, Oslo

PIM   PI, Mong

PIX   PI, mobile QTHs (mainly M¿re og Romsdal)

PIX2  PI, mobile QTH Nordland?

PKB   Per Kristian Bj¿nnes, Trondheim

RB    Reidar B¿, Stavanger/Oslo

RH    Rune HŒland, Egersund

RIP   AB, IS, OJS, Rissa

RL    Rolf L¿vstr¿m, Hamar/Oslo

RM    Rolf Mong, Trondheim/Bergen/Egersund/Mong

RTO   Rolf Torvik, Trondheim

RW    Runar Wiersdalen

SAH   Svein Arvid Hjortland

SEL   PI, OF, SM, ¯yvind R¿mo, Selvik

SJH   Svein Jakob Hollerud, Hildre/Eggedal

SJL   SJH, Lakselv

SJS   SJH, Sula

SM    Svenn Martinsen, Stend/Stabekk/Tveit/Bud/Solsvik

SOP   Svein Olav Pedersen, Vanse

SOS2  AB, IS, OJS, Rissa

SULA  PI, TN, PH,  Sula

TBV   Tore B Vik, Mysen

TF    Torbj¿rn Frantsen, Hamnvik

THO   Roar Thomassen, Kristiansund

TJB   Tore Johnny Brtveit, Flaktveit

TK    T KrŸger, Hemnesberget

TN    Tore Nilsen, Hamar/Br¿nn¿ysund/Tolga

TOR   Rolf Torvik, Grimstad/Kristiansund/Trondheim

TW    Torgeir Woxen, N¿tter¿y/Oslo/Kjeller/S¿rumsand

TWM   TW, Mong

TWX   TW, mobile QTHs (mainly M¿re og Romsdal)

TWX2  TW, mobile QTH Nordland?

WINDX AF, PI, BH, Kongsfjord

¯F    ¯ystein Fr¿iland, Bergen/Erdal

¯K    ¯yvind Kolobekken, Hundorp/Oslo

¯S    ¯ivind Stenberg, Oslo

RC   rdal Radio Club


About the Editors:


Kjell Arne Olsen:


Kjell Arne is 56 years of age, started DXing in 1975, but is no longer active. He is now living in Kjeller outside Oslo. Kjell Arne works for the Hedmark county public transport authority with ticketing and information systems.


Svenn Martinsen :


Svenn is 65 years of age. He is now living on Sotra island, to the west of Bergen, and is running the radio stations Radio Northern Star, and The Ferry through Northern Star Media Services AS.



Here is Svenn's self-presentation when writing reception reports 20 years ago in 1994:


My listening equipment also consists of a Hammarlund SP-600 JX-21 radio, made in the USA in the late 50s, plus a Drake SPR-4 radio for longwave, made in the USA in the early 70s, both being of the best there is for long distance reception. 2 different antennas of the long-wire type are utilized, 175 metres to the southwest for the British Isles and the Iberian Peninsula, plus 600 metres to the Southeast for Eastern Europe. Besides, a Sony reel-to-reel tape recorder and a Sony cassette recorder is used.


Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a member of the Arctic Radio Club for AM listening, a joint Swedish/Norwegian/Finnish project. I am 43 years of age, and I started in this wonderful hobby in 1964, listening to Radio Luxembourg and the British offshore stations. Listening to distant radio stations is called dx-ing, and here where I am living, in the little village of Solsvik, right to the west of Bergen, is a particularly favourable position. As you well know, on the lower bands, radio waves, are greatly helped in their propagation by salt water, and on FM you need an open location.


I am a Church of Norway Priest, and my Ministry is in Fjell, meaning"The Rock". The municipality of Fjell has about 16000 inhabitants, and we live to the northwest in this municipality, on Sotra island, about 30 kms from the centre of the city of Bergen, NorwayÕs second largest city with 210000 inhabitants, well known for musicians and composers like Ole Bull, Edvard Grieg and Harald S¾verud, the spring music festival Festspillene, but also for attractions like Fl¿ibanen Funicular and the old King Hall of HŒkonshallen. The entire county of Hordaland,part of Bj¿rgvin Diocese, has nature varying from flat, windy(as here!) areas at the seafront, to higher mountains inland.


If you look us up on a map, you will find Bergen on about 60 degrees N and 5 degrees E. I live happily here, with my wife and 3 kids. From our house, situated on a hill above the village, we are able to see the burning off of gas on clear days in the Troll oil and gas field, to the northwest, and to the west the open, and often rough North Sea, with the outer archipelago. On the horizon occasionally large tankers going to the Sture and Mongstad oil terminals. Right off the shore are also 2-3 fish farms. To our South and South East sectors a vast open area of mostly stony, wet terrain. 5 kms away to the nearby industrial center of gotnes is CCB, Coast Center Base, with occasional visits by rigs and supply vessels.  At the moment we have the Ross Isle here. CCB has its own local VHF service. Here is also the mast of a local radio transmitter, the Decca chain longwave rig for this area.


Quite often, the helicopter routes of Helikopter Service, Braathens and M¿refly pass over our house to and from the North Sea oil fields. In the South the mountains of Kvinnherad may be seen, and to the north of Gulen, in Southern Sogn. To the East we can  see the lights from Bergen at night, and in the daytime we can see the highest mountain of the Bergen area, the Gulfjellet, plus nearer mountains with the Bergen Radio(coast radio station) VHF mast at Rundemanen,(Bergen RadioÕs MF transmitters plus one of RogalandÕs are at Mar¿y, just to the North) plus the NRK FM and TV mast at Ulriken. The best NRK output are the regional programs of NRK Hordaland(radio) and Vestlandsrevyen(TV). From this same mast  the signals of our new television channel TV2, plus 3 local radio channels are also broadcast. TV2 has its main center and studios in Bergen. The most popular local stations are Puddefjord Radio, 104,1/106,1/107,8 , with a varied format of older and newer music, Radio 1FM, 105,8/106,7/107,1 FM, of the same company broadcasting the current hits. Our local radio station here, Radio Sotra, 104,5/105,5 is also no.3 in Bergen,with a ÒformatÓ of everything! On Ask¿y, now  connected to Bergen by means of a  large bridge, the masts of the closed NRK AM transmitters on 890, 20000 watts,(Closed 1978) and 1115 kHz, 1000 watts (Closed 1966) still stands as they were left.


We also have a local television station,TV-Bergen/Bergen BY-TV. Also mentioned might be Kystradioen,KYST FM,("coast")105,8/106,7/107,1 FM STEREO, a Christian station with a heavy accent on news from the 5 municipalities around Bergen. I worked myself there as a presenter 1991-1993 part-time and did an Oldies/Contemporary Gospel show on Thursday mornings, using PAMS jingles(licensed!) from the 60s and had great fun. This is broadcast from the same complex and studios where Radio 1FM and Puddefjord Radio are housed.


I have heard over 500 North American AM stations, and also many from the Caribbean, Central and South America,this mostly when I lived in Bud, northwest of Molde. I have also been quite  active in the fields of offshore radio, and British and Irish broadcasting. Here, I mostly concentrate on European listening.


My best verified beacon loggings are these: LF6N Statfjord ÒCÓ 615, 2 watts, GA,Grinna(Tr¿ndelag coast) 289,6 4 watts ALW Alwyn North 327 10 watts, LF5D Hod 561 10 watts, SDV MSV Stadive 597,5 20 watts, SB Sumburgh head lighthouse 291,9 20 watts, LFSQ West Vanguard 561 25 watts, SB Sindbad Saxon 579,5 25 watts ,OQ Frigg QP 367 25 watts, DRL High Seas Driller 597,5 35 watts, RG2 Rowan Gorilla 897 40 watts,NC Ninian Central 284 40 watts, SS Scatsa Ness 315,5 40 watts, HL Hellodden 258,5 50 watts, RTV Rotv¾r 365 50 watts,(near Evenes airport in Troms) CML Clonmel, Co Tipperary 387 50 watts, GAR Garristown Co Dublin 407 50 watts, IOF Isle of Flotta, Orkney Isl.,357 50 watts, KK Kulusœk Greenland 283 200 watts, SAL Sal airport 274  1000 watts. (Cape Verde Islands) The indicated ones are via daytime propagation!


My favourite verified AM broadcast loggings would be KHLO Hilo, Hawaii on 850, 1 kW, KPHX Phoenix, Arizona on 1480, 500 watts and KFQC Davenport, Iowa on 1580, 500 watts (nominal) from North America,  and from  Ireland and Britain:  Radio Dublin 2 Inchicore 1250 40 watts, Radio Caroline Dublin 1330a with 75 watts, Alternati²ve Radio West from Ballina, Co Mayo on 1130 150 watts, BBC Hereford&Worcester 738 and 819, both 37 watts, BBC R Wigan&Leigh 1296 50 watts, Radio Jackie Worcester Park 65 watts on 1323, plus BBC Radio Bedfordshire from Bedford on 1161 with 80 watts. The tiniest transmitter heard are from Iceland: The Navy Broadcasting Service from H¿fn, 1400, with 10 watts! Tiniest from Norway: NRK Mo i Rana 1121, 40 watts. I was a great admirer of the offshore stations Radio London 1127, Radio England 1322, Britain Radio 845, and the Irish pirate Radio Nova 846/819/738.


In addition to Kystradioen, I have worked part-time for the NRK. I am now working behind the scenes for a new station.




Olle Alm, Harnšsand, Sweden.


Airwaves no.2




Ken Baird, Sorn, Scotland.


Robin Banks, Gloucester, England.


Eddie Caffrey, Drogheda, Ireland.


Paul Cotter, Clontarf, Co Dublin, Ireland.


Paul Davidson, Dublin 9, Ireland.


Distance UKVK,


DX-Kuuntelija/DX-Clusive/Sunspot, Finland.


DX-Monitor IRCA, USA.


DX-News Norway.




Chris Edwards, Offshore Echo's, London, England.


Bernt Erfjord, Kristiansand, Norway


Frekvensnytt, Finland.


Peter Gibney, Dublin 8, Ireland


Chris King, Ely, UK.


Joseph King, Dublin 2, Ireland.


Hans Knot, Groningen, Holland.


Miles T.Johnston, Lurgan, N.Ireland.


Medium Wave News, UK.


Medium Wave Horizons Norway 1970-1993.


Rolf Mong, Egersund, Norway.


Monitor magazine, Benfleet, Essex.


Tommy Murphy, Ballina. Ireland.


MV-EKO Sweden 1960-1993.


Bj¿rn Olsson, UmeŒ, Sweden.


Dave Reddy, Dublin 4, Ireland.


Gerry O' Reilly, Kilnaleck, Ireland.


Lars RydŽn. Beijing, China. P.R.


Shorty, Norway


Sporen, Norway


Geir Stokkeland, Vestnes, Norway.


Karl Erik Stridh, HšganŠs, Sverige


Chris Tully, Clacton on Sea, UK


Derek Taylor, Preston, UK.


John Thewlis, Dublin 3, Ireland.


US National Archives, Washington D.C.


Steve Whitt, Buxhall, UK.


Steve Wordniecki, Horsham,UK.


World Radio TV Handbook.


Keith York, Tullamore, Ireland.


Beskrivelse: svennms Mac:Users:svennmartinsen:Desktop:To Steve Whitt.jpg

Many inquries went out in letter form and phone calls to correspondents. Here is an excerpt of the letter to the Editor of Medium Wave News, Steve Whitt in early 1994.


In tribute to the late Norwegian DX-er Per Ingebretsen


and these great radio stations heard in Norway:


Thanks for the memories!


1142/1143 AFN Bremerhaven


773 Radio 390, International Waters


1520/1169 Radio Caroline North, International Waters


1320/845 Britain Radio, International Waters


845/1320 Radio England, International Waters


1127/1137 Radio London, International Waters


602/606 Radio Nord, International Waters


1562/557 Radio Veronica, International Waters


891/846/819/738 Radio Nova, Dublin


927/891/981 R Star Country, Brogan mountains


1476 First Gold/The Gold AM Guildford


930 CJON/CJYQ St.Johns


800 CKLW Windsor


960 CFAC Calgary


1410 CFUN/CKVN Vancouver


950 CHER Sydney


1050 CHUM Toronto


1320 CKEC New Glasgow


770 WABC New York


570 WMCA New York


1130 WNEW New York


1190 WBMJ San Juan


1000 WCFL/WLUP/WMVP Chicago


1390 WEGP Presque Isle


1510 WMEX/WITS Boston


1410 WPOP Hartford


560 WQAM Miami


920 KDHL Faribault


980 KFWB Los Angeles


1090 KING Seattle


1170 KJNP North Pole


560 KMON Great Falls


1000 KOMO Seattle


Also to these great radio personalities heard in Norway:


Thanks for the memories you made:


"Daffy"Don Allen, CFAR Flin Flon, Radio Caroline South/North, Manx Radio, Radio Noordzee Internationaal, BBC Radio Merseyside, Sunshine Radio Dublin, Royal County Radio, ERI Cork, Radio West Mullingar, CCR Cavan, Radio Star Country, Radio 3 Tullamore.

Simon Bates, BBC Radio 1FM, Atlantic 252.

Boom Boom Brannigan, Swinging Radio England.

John Clarke, Radio Nova Dublin, 2FM Dublin, Millenium 88 Dublin.

Larry Dean, Swinging Radio England.

The late Paul Kay, BFBS Kenya, Wonderful Radio London, Radio Luxembourg.

Paul May,Radio Noordzee Internationaal, Laser 558.

Cousin Brucie, Bruce Morrow, WABC/WNBC New York.

Emperor Rosko, Radio Luxembourg, Radio Caroline South, Virgin 12-15.

Keith Skues, BFBS Kenya, BFBS Germany, BFBS Kuwait, Radio Caroline South, Wonderful Radio London, BBC Radio 1/2, Radio Hallam, Classic Gold.

Johnnie Walker, Swinging Radio England, Radio Caroline South. KSAN San Francisco, BBC GLR, BBC Radio 5.


General Sources:


Radio in North America:



Material about BBC and general British Broadcasting:


General material about British commercial broadcasting/Radio Luxembourg:


Material about British commercial broadcasting:



Material about offshore radio and land-based pirate radio:



Material about the Irish radio revolution:



Norwegian AM Broadcasting:


AM-licenses in Norway outside of NRK, by Statens Teleforvaltning 1991.

Lista AM-sender, to close. Newspaper cuts, F¾drelandsvennen, Farsunds Avis May 1975

Svenn Martinsen:The Norway Long and Medium Wave List, DX-news 1974

Svenn Martinsen:Quo Vadis, MB? DX-news 1974

Norsk Radio, 1923-

Programbladet for Bergen Kringkaster, 1926-

UKEsenderen Bergen, 1966-1972, archives lent by Skjalg Halm¿y, sane, contributions in Eter-Aktuellt (Peder Nilsson, 1970)  and DX-News 1972, Halm¿y.

Radio Susie 1485 (UKEsenderen Oslo) DX-News 1983.Information by Knut B¿rmer.

UKEsenderen Trondheim (Odd-J¿rgen Sagdahl/ Arnstein Bue)  DX-News 1989.

UKEsenderen Trondheim  broadcasting periods by Odd-J¿rgen Sagdahl 1992.


Latin American Broadcasting:


LA QSL List, compiled by Nils Jakobsson of the Swedish DX Federation 1989.


Technical material:


Popular Electronics juli 1982: AM Stereo

Paul Alexander Rusling: Radio 10 Gold on air from Lopik and

Holland FM goes sea-borne. Medium Wave News March 1994

Telecommunication Journal, Vol.42-No.III, March 1975.

Tekniken informerar/  1989: OAMO


Bernt Erfjord, ... Kristiansand, tel: ...sells radio station recordings from many parts of the world. Send a SAE/an IRC for details.


Comment 2016-edition: Bernt Erfjord passed away June 26th, 2004 42 years old, RIP.


Brumunddal/Solsvik, September 18th, 1994,


Kjell Arne Olsen/Svenn Martinsen.



Sotra November 30th, 2016

Svenn Martinsen


This issue also includes some heritage around this large project. It is almost unbelievable that we managed to do it and that it is now 22 years ago!


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