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The "Daffy" Don Allen page!

Find a selection of material donated by the late and great "Daffy" Don Allen!

Don's radio roots in Northern Manitoba

Another of Don's Canadian radio roots

Promotional card 1

Promotional card 2

Promotional card 3: Mv Fredericia front

Promotional card 4: Mv Fredericia back

Promotional card 3: Caroline North QSL 1966

Promotional card 4: Manx Radio QSL 1970

Promotional card 5: Don in domestic scene

Sticker 1: I want my Caroline!

Sticker 2: Daffy Don forever!

Sticker 3: The big wide wonderful world of Daffy Don!

Sticker 4: With Jerry Leighton and Tony Prince

Sticker 5: Manx Radio 232 metres, 1295 kcs, green

Sticker 6: Manx Radio 232 metres, 1295 kcs, red

Sticker 7: Manx Radio 232 metres, 1295 kcs, yellow

Sticker 8: We love country music and Daffy Don!

Sticker 9: Blackpool Dance with Daffy Don

Sticker 10: Manx Radio 188 and 232 metres, poster

Sticker 11: Phil Brady and the Ranchers

A letter from Norah Barnes of the Don Allen Fan Club arrived in 1968



Membership card, front

Membership card, back

"In the wonderful Isle of Man" 1

"In the wonderful Isle of Man" 2

Business Card 1974

Business Card 1974 2

Business Card 1974 3

A series of pics from Don Allen's time at Radio ERI Cork City in Summer 1983 follows

Signature and address

In Glanmire living room

Don, dj Lynsey, Chief Engineer Robin Adcroft(Banks) and author in Glanmire

Don's famous suitcase pictured in Glanmire July 1983

Don and Lynsey outside ERI Whitecross studios

Don reading news at ERI Whitecross studios

Don at production at ERI Whitecross studios

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