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Northern Star Media presents
Radio Heritage Essays.

We offer here some interesting radio heritage as a service to many radio fans on a non-profit basis.
The material in this part of the website is not formally associated with our broadcasting station, but is displayed here as we feel a responsibility to serve the radio medium generally.
Some of the views expressed may not necessarily be in accordance of the views of Northern Star Media or this website.

1. Allied Radio Stations from 1942 by retired Lt.Martin Swenson

2. Irish pirate radio in the 80s, part 1: Radio Luimni

3. Christmas on the MW by Jan-Erik Raf 1(In Swedish)(From DX-News)

Christmas on the MW by Jan-Erik Raf 2(In Swedish)

4. MV-DXing by Jan-Erik Raef(In Swedish)

5. When the Konigsbergradio came to the farm by Svenn Martinsen

6. 60 years on the Medium Wave(In Swedish) by Ullmar Quick

7. DX-Flashback by Rolf Mong(In Norwegian/English)(From DX-News)

8. Arctic DX by Geir Stokkeland(In Norwegian/English)(From MV-EKO and DX-News)

9. Maritime Utility by Geir Stokkeland(In Norwegian/English)(From MUF and MUW)

10. The AMazing AM(Loglist Read Me, htm) by Kjell Arne Olsen and Svenn Martinsen(1994)

10b. The AMazing AM(Loglist Read Me, pdf) by Kjell Arne Olsen and Svenn Martinsen(1994)

11. The Northern Beacon(Loglist) by Kjell Arne Olsen and Svenn Martinsen(1998)

12. The Northern Beacon(Fyrvokteren) by Kjell Arne Olsen(Bulletin in Norwegian/English)

13. The Martinsen Top of the Dial list) by Svenn Martinsen(1990/1992/museum edition 2016)

14. Norske Kringkastingsstasjoner by Bernt Erfjord(Norwegian Broadcasting Stations, in Norwegian)

15. The old Radio Norway International by the late Bernt Erfjord(NRK foreign service history, partly in Norwegian)

16. AM Radio from Bergen, Norway by Svenn Martinsen

17. The forerunners around 216/218

18. Norwegian Student Rag Week radio stations, in Norwegian by Svenn Martinsen

19. Norwegian Pirate Radio stations, in Norwegian, edited by Svenn Martinsen

20. Norwegian Radio Days, episode 1 by Svenn Martinsen

21. Norwegian Radio Days, episode 2 by Svenn Martinsen

22. A Radio Rose of Texas. The 5 of the "Olga Patricia" by Derek Burroughs, jr.

23. The most exciting radio ever by Paul A.Rusling

24. 40 year anniversary tribute to the lady of the airwaves: The end of the original Radio Caroline. Vintage material from Spotlight and Monitor Magazines

25. Tribute to the late "Daffy" Don Allen by Svenn Martinsen

26. How to listen to the world material

27. Norwegian Decca stations and sites

28. Longwave Radio Beacons by Svenn Martinsen

29. WLW in Cincinnati, OH by Svenn Martinsen

30. Sonshine in the Sunshine. About WBMJ AM 1190 in San Juan, Puerto Rico from 1968 by Svenn Martinsen

31. A Shortwave Station from 485 Madison Avenue by Lou Josephs

32. The Global Medium on the Massachusetts Coast edited by Svenn Martinsen

33. DXing Worldwide on WNYW by Svenn Martinsen

34. Aloha in the village by Svenn Martinsen

35. "..on a Million Dollar Weekend from CHUM!"

36. LM Radio-The Radio Luxembourg of Africa by Chris Turner

Picture: Norwegian Decca site.

All rights reserved: The authors© the present© owner of How to Listen to the World(It has NOT been possible to find the present copyright holder of the vintage How to Listen to the World radio book series)and Northern Star Media©, 1956-2017.
For aerial and demolishing picture of LKB Bergen with kind permission of: Knut Strand, Bergens Tidende, Bergen, Norway,
For Tuskar Lighthouse with kind permission of: Nigel Tegin,Commisioners of Irish Lights, Irish Lights Depot, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, Ireland,
For Arctic DX and Tautra Radiobeacon with kind permission of: Geir Stokkeland, Vestnes, Norway©

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