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Find a selection of material from Limerick's 80s pirate Radio Luimni and the late John "The Man" Frawley! In the summer of 1983 John The Man and Radio Luimni operated from a shed in Limerick behind a furniture shop. The antenna was a longwire between the rear of the shop and Catholic school on the other side of Sexton street. The station operated then on 975-981 kHz. He was prior to that in the 1386-1390 kHz region, and later went to 1125.He did get out fairly well indeed as he was a regular in Norway around local sunrise. Very characteristic. While on a Irish pirates safari in 1983 I went to his station and had a chat while on air. I also took some pics you may take a look at below.

John "The Man" on the air on Radio Luimni

John "The Man" on the air on Radio Luimni reading the commercials

John "The Man" writing the QSL(listener confirmation). The Late Holy Father, Pope John Paul II seems to be a Radio Luimni fan!

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