Northern Lights-

The Voice of the Free Gospel


Radio Northern Star:


An inexpensive way to reach listeners worldwide with

The Gospel of Jesus Christ!



Picture: Northern Lights seen from Bud, Norway. © Odd Viken N6430 Bud, Norway.


á      Northern Star Media Services AS sets aside a part of transmission hours on Radio Northern Star to Northern Lights-THE VOICE OF THE FREE GOSPEL©, the brand name of Christian programming over Radio Northern Star.


á      It is easy to broadcast to an international audience over Radio Northern Star. Just do the same to produce your program as you are used to. You take the same mp3 file, CD, or tape and mail it to us!


á      All churches , ministries and organizations who believe in the authority of the Holy Bible, the Holy Trinity, that Jesus Christ is Lord(1 Cor. 12,3) and the Apostolic Faith are welcome.

á      Low rates.

á      More information here!


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Norway Registration No 912204278

Registered in Norway August 13th, 2013

Founded in Bergen, Norway on November 22nd, 1999

POBox 100, N-5331 Rong, Norway




Picture: ÒBethlehem StarÓ over the Sotra Bridge over the Southern entrance to the harbor of Bergen, Norway in February 1999.

The planets Jupiter and Venus are in an extraordinary position to each other similar to before the nativity of Christ.

"Betlehemsstjerne over Bergen", by Rune S¾vig, Bergens Tidende,

Bergen, Norway, Feb.24th, 1999.

All rights reserved:

Northern Lights-The Voice of the Free Gospel©

of Northern Star Media Services AS©2012-



*Radio Northern Star is an independent commercial station broadcasting worldwide on available broadcasting platforms and on the web at

*Radio Northern Star is owned and operated by Northern Star Media Services AS, a Norwegian Shareholding company working with broadcasting and related activites.

Registration number: 982990890.

Owner: S Martinsen
Reg. Address: Rong Senter, Box 100, N-5331 Rong, Norway.


*For further details on sponsorship, advertising on air or on the web, and leasing of program time, see website:

Phone: +47 56 32 49 85 Fax +47 56 38 22 41 Mobile/Text: +47 950 67890

Bank Account: Sparebanken Vest IBAN NO6936285335781

Paypal Account: See website.