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Norwegian Radio Days

By Svenn Martinsen[1]


Episode 1 Spring 1964-Summer 1971(2004).


”I've never forgotten any of those people or any of the voices we would hear on the radio. Though the truth is, with the passing of each New Year's Eve, those voices do seem to grow dimmer and dimmer.”[2]


It was the great Woody Allen who invented the ”Radio Days” term, in his famous movie of childhood experiences, with the old family radio set, the great shows, suspense and sports as background.



The theme of course also has been covered in other movies, such as ”American Grafitti”[3], where Wolfman Jack’s ”border blaster” show from XERB 1090 AM in Rosarito, Baja California plays a prominent role.


For many people the world over, the old voices, the shows of yesteryear and the vintage receiver are indeed a background of life.


That is the situation also for this writer. Consequently, in this and some coming essays, I will try to present my part of that story seen and heard from some Western Norway locations. Indeed, the voices grow dimmer and dimmer as we grow older. Therefore, as for others already, it is about time for me for an effort of preserving those strong impressions, from radio, music and life itself, before it is too late. Also, with the constant bridging of media platforms nowadays, we may be the last generation of true radio listeners, knowing radio as one separate part of media.


Maybe surprisingly, but I am not in doubt that for me, the story started under the Hitler Dictatorship in a Konzentration Lager  in Nazi Germany in 1943.


Listening to the BBC in the Concentration Camp.


My father, Svenn Martinsen took part in the partly Communist dominated Milorg East Resistance in Eastern Norway in the early part of World War 2. He was not politically active, but as an idealist wanting to fight for Norway’s freedom he served as a courier and an intelligence agent and had he been arrested for this activity by the Gestapo, this story had most probably never happened.


But as always life is full of paradoxes, and as he happened to be on a distribution list for an illegal newspaper he was taken prisoner in his home in Oslo May 1942 and after having served a year in Norwegian camps the year after transferred to KZ Sachsenhausen in Oranienburg where he stayed as prisoner 64528 until the Danes and Norwegians were rescued by the Count Bernadotte operation ”The White Buses” in 1945. He was then 23 years old.


While in the KZ, he worked at the kommando Kraftwerkzeugdepot in Fichtengrund in the wood east of the main camp. Here was a large garage, which in addition to regular military equipment housed lots of cars and motorcycles stolen fromall parts of Europe. The slave labour in the kommando and the general life in the KZ meant humiliation, suppression, torture and executions as a daily routine. My father’s special task was to test drive motorcycles, often a very hazardous exercise.


But he also worked with the late ”good” SS-man Rudi Heier from Hamburg and others in listening to the BBC from London on car radios in the hall, writing down the news and passing them on to Norwegian leaders in the KZ, such as the later Foreign Minister, the late Halvard Lange.


Newly married and a Vega.


After the return to Oslo radio listening after a while recommenced under more peaceful circumstances.


In the fall of 1945 my father and mother met while studying at Oslo’s private Teacher’s Academy, and married in the summer of 1950.


The couple moved into a flat in the river town of Lillestroem east of Oslo, travelling to the capital for their school work.


Post-War Norway offered no luxury, so the price of a large domestic radio of 800 Kroner was quite an investment.


The set bought was the famous Vega Clipper Super Airmaster from Klaveness Radiofabrikk. A wire antenna was put up, and stations like AFN Germany, The AFRS Blue Danube Network[4] , ”Sendergruppe Rot-Weiss-Rot”(The Austrian equivalent of RIAS Berlin) and the BBC Home and European services became daily references, including the domestic programming of Norsk Rikskringkasting coming from nearby LKO Oslo Kringkaster at Lambertseter on 218 kHz longwave. This service could also easily be heard from Hamar Kringkaster (famours for its War effort) near the old Cathedral on 520 kHz, and LKF Fredrikstad Kringkaster at Oera on 1578 kHz.



The couple listening to the radio 1950. The dial is tuned to the BBC Home Service on 1151 KHz.


In 1951 I was born, and we moved to Bergen in Western Norway, taking the Vega with us. In the flat rented from my mother’s aunt in the village of Landaas the set was connected again and soon the NRK and its domestic programming broadcast from a 20 kW rig on 890 kHz from the two 150 metres radio masts of LKB Bergen Kringkaster (Askoey Island) became a daily routine. So did also the local Bergen II station, ”Bergen Lokal” coming from a 1 kilowatter at the same site[5]. But also the more distant stations were keeping an interest. I remember clearly my father’s triumph exclamation after having heard Radio Australia Shepparton.



My impression of the radio dial in 1955. An eager study was also made of the radio sets of my grandparents, when visiting them. All those names on the dial were very thought-provoking for a little kid: all those faraway places, and it was even possible to hear people talking from various of these exotic names!


The memories of sport broadcasts, newscasts and entertainment from the NRK are vivid. I listened with equal interest to speed skating, cross country skiing and ski jump, following the victories and the losses of Knut ”Kupper’n” Johannessen, Haakon Brusveen and Toralf Engan. ”Dagsnytt”  gave the news of the death of the King, and distress at sea, while Rolf Kirkvaag(”20 Questions”) and former BBC man Erik Bye(”We go onboard”) stood out as the favourite show comperes. ”Request Concert” was and still is a stalwart of NRK radio programming. The radio dramas were great too. The Norwegian version of Anthony Buckeridge’s ”Jennings” broadcast in ”Children’s Hour” on Saturdays with ”Coronation Rag” theme tune by Winifred Atwell must be some of the funniest material produced in Norway ever, while Francis Durbridge’s serial thriller Paul Temple really secured high listening figures.


The years after WW2 were also of course dominated by the ”Cold War” feeling, coming to a peak during the Cuba missile crisis of October 1962. But it was also a period of the belief of technical progress(”From Workshop and Factory”), and the NRK did their part of educating the nation via School Broadcasting, including Classroom Gym with Reidar Morset. The characteristic content and language of fish and stock market reports also sticks with you. Also the very courteous attitude of the state broadcaster sticks to my mind. First names were never used in interviews or references, only title, or Herr/Fru plus the surname.


Norwegian radio listening tradition


My father was just one of many people who played with the radio in the 50s. In Tromso, an Arctic Listeners’ Club of 50 members is documented by “Programbladet” of the NRK 1951-1953, and in Southern Norway a Hevreka DX-Club in the Mid 50s.




Hevreka DX-Club sample Special QSL(“hams” lingo for verification)


In 1958, DXLC, DX-Listeners’ Club was formed in Notteroey by Svend-Olaf Dahlen. The main group in the 60s was in Hamar, consisting of names like Ellmann Ellingsen, Rolf Loevstroem, and Tore Nilsen.


But radio listening in Norway never reached the numbers of active listeners or results of Sweden, which ran into thousands, see Jan Erik Raefs essay at http://www.stellamaris.no/mv.htm .


The fine results of Swedish dxer John Bohm in the 30s and 40s are remarkable. Of course, with most radios in Norway confiscated by the Nazis in 1941, not much hobby listening could be done here.


But there are good sources[6] to support that Norway had dxers from early in the 20s, and many radio fans in the 30s.


There were however, no clear border between hams and dx-ers. Radio stations were very positive towards listeners, and the regional commercial station in Bergen, Bergen kringkastingsstation(Bergen Broadcasting), each evening suspended own programmes to relay foreign stations such as Stockholm/Motala, Copenhagen/Kalundborg, Berlin/Koenigswusterhausen, Langenberg, Vienna, Paris, Daventry and Daventry Experimental! This was done via the receiving station of LGN Bergen Radio[7] at the “Radio Lake” in Fyllingen, West of Bergen.



How the radio safaris on Bergen Broadcasting came about.


The sources also point to how  to erect T-and L-and flattop antennas, the latter also being used for transmissions, secure the best earthing, and deal with interference, of which the most notable were “howlers”, ie listeners oscillating, as well as city trams.


A ham is relating his story as early as 1923, and tells of longwave reception of SUC Cairo and NSS Annapolis, coast and ship stations on 600 metres from Roald Amundsen’s “Maud” to the Norway-USA passenger liner “Stavangerfjord”, and the new British commercial stations such as 2LO on 369 metres(later 365)from the Strand in London, with opera from Covent Garden. Others heard by 1924 from the UK were:


Cardiff 5WA 350 metres(formerly 353)

Manchester 2ZY 375 metres(formerly 385)

Birmingham 5IT 475 metres(formerly 420)

Newcastle 5NO 400 metres

Glasgow 5SC 420 metres(formerly 415)

Aberdeen 2BD 495 metres

Bournemouth 6BM 385 metres

Sheffield 303 metres

Plymouth 330 metres

Belfast 435 metres


Plus the big Marconi station 5XX Chelmsford on Longwave 1600 metres.


And then one day he heard North America in the form of WGY Schenectady, New York on 380 metres!


On alternate nights stations in the UK and USA would hold silent periods, in order that listeners could hear signals from the other continent. This was a quite popular sport, and was called transatlantic phone-tests. One such occasion was December 2nd, 1922. But just like we complain about “QRM”(interference) when we try to hear that special station today, the hopeful dxers of those years blamed the “howlers” when they did not succeed.


The listener with the best results of these years appears to have been Leif Salicath, living not far from Holmenkollen. He tells of his experiences with North America listening in 1925 from 0230-0600 Norwegian time. His antenna was a wire between the two house towers 20 metres above ground. Mobile listening is also documented. The best results apperared to come in silent, cold moonshine nights.


On December 4th, 1924 Salicath heard WGY and many other stations such as KDKA in Pittsburgh, PA (Westinghouse, 326 metres, plus shortwave 100 metres) and KSD St.Louis, MO, between 320 and 450 metres. At 0327 the carrier of Schenectady, NY appeared and the station identified itself: “WGY, General Electric, Schenectady, calling.” Jazz music and songs and frequent IDs followed. Other North Americans heard in Norway were WJZ New York(RCA) on 455 metres and WRAZ Troy, NY(Polytechnic Institute) on 380 metres, sharing with WGY.


But it could be done the other way round too: The Bergen Broadcasting 1kW station on 820 kHz made it almost to Mexico from its downtown ”flattop” antenna. In the Mid-20s it was logged in Chula Vista, California.


Others ought to make a try. It gives a festive feeling in your living room and hear, out of the copper wire what is sung and said in USA and Canada. Your thoughts are travelling over there and we think of the cities, countries and people that these programs are meant for and our minds are tuned with awe of the great wonder of our times: Radio!


This also is the perfect solution for entertainment for your Saturday evening parties. There is entertainment from Oslo until midnight, then England until 1, then Madrid until 0130 and then the USA. It will then be time for your own close down at 0600!



The Vega in the living room.


Back in the 50s, and it is the mornings of the NRK that are remembered most by this writer. The weather from the Met Institutes would go out at 8am, followed by ”Morgenandakt”(Thought for the Day) and at 0835 it would be 5 minutes for Housewives. After that The Small Children’s Hour came on with special favorites like the authors Anne Cath Vestly, Thorbjoern Egner and Alf Proeysen. It was Egner who introduced a fourth favorite here, namely Astrid Lindgren of Sweden.


After this the NRK network would leave the air, not returning before 1120 with the Stock Market and Maritime Weather reports. The piano time signal and ”green eye”(in Norway called Troll Eye) signalling the transmitter was back on commanded the listening troops back in position.


One such morning, in February 1960 is especially remembered. I was ill in bed and had to stay home alone, my parents having to secure their earnings to support us. But a second domestic receiver, a Klaveness ”Reiseradio” could offer some comfort such days.


The morning news of the loss of a Norwegian ship called Onega in the Baltic hit me deeply. I started crying, so after the children’s program I started twisting the dial of the Maritime Band to hear or even speak to the vessel, in vain of course. But I understood at least that a radio could have much more to offer than NRK.


In Bergen, there were two stations until 1966, so besides the national service and a regional newscast at 1610-1630 on 890, we had Bergen Lokal, a remnant of the private commercial radio of the 30s, broadcasting on 1115 kHz from 5 pm each afternoon until 7pm in the evening, offering among other programming the children’s entertainment ”Kallemann og Amandus” and local news(By-og Bygdenytt).



The Bergen Lokal programme for May 27th, 1961 per Bergens Tidende.


Parallell to this came the impression from radio related books, such as the more factual radio chapters of ”Who What Where”[8] and ”Fasiten” to fiction: ”Hardy Boys and the Shortwave mystery”.


A new dimension: Radio Luxembourg and the offshore stations.


The time for my real radio days was ripe, so I guess the next chapter was inevitable, but our young teacher certainly helped allowing the playing of the current Beatles record Can’t Buy Me Love in the classroom in April 1964.


That made me go home, turn on the radio and search for pop music. A new door opened. And that same evening ”The station of the Stars” on 1439 kHz was tuned in.


I heard my first Top Twenty on May 4th the same year through the Reiseradio under the pillow, but it was not long before the news of a radio ship called Caroline also reached me whilst playing a football match through one of my mates at the time.


Late night top 20 notes from June 1964.


With the family having moved once again, this time to our own house in Fana to the south of Bergen, and with my father and mother having followed the general trend towards smaller radios bought a Radionette portable, the 1950 valve set Vega Clipper Super Airmaster, with excellent sensitivity and sound stood vacant.



Pirate radio ready 1964. The Vega Clipper Super Airmaster dial.


This was now installed in my room, a 20 metres longwire was connected to the nearest tree, and by autumn 1964 I thus had the necessary equipment to follow the offshore pirate radio boom already in full swing. This amounted mostly to pop radio, with Caroline North presenting a strong signal in September the same year. I quickly also found the South Ship on the dial.  My first radio log was a hand-written little weekly magazine ”Anaheim Times”, the title being inspired by a Jan and Dean record, with the weekly “California City Top 100” chart very inspired by “Cash Box Top 100” presented by djs like Colin Nicol, Bryan Vaughan and Keith Skues on Caroline South.




Anaheim Times: The California City Hot 100 from January 2nd, 1966


But also the BBC Light programme was listened to, not only “The Joe Loss pop show” with the odd record, due to limited “needle-time” but also “Two-Way Family Favourites” and Sunday Afternoon Comedy before Alan Freeman took to the air with “Pick of the Pops”: “And now the second unit, pop-pickers!”[9]


A most decisive afternoon was when going to “A Hard Day’s Night” showing in Bergen’s Forum Kino in September 1964. Standing in the long que waiting to get into the cinema on the first Saturday, for the first time I understood the immense power of the new music, radio and the teen generation I had just entered myself. The other sex was suddenly much nearer that one had imagined was possible ever before, and it was SO natural there and then to discuss the latest hits-and the stations that played them with the girls next to you. And that day, I also heard Radio Caroline playing the Hondells “Little Honda”! Surf and Car music with its characteristic riffs on the Fender guitar became the big thing for us kids. I even started writing tunes myself such as “Surfin’ the Lake” and “Little Giddy Cobra”. West Coast Music for the West Coast! The big favorites then were the Beach Boys and The Byrds, but also Dylan, Motown and Northern R&B attracted us, I wore sunglasses and tried to grow my hair long looking like a certain “Geordie”, namely Eric Burdon from Bergen’s friendly city, Newcastle-upon-Tyne!


Other influences were the music mags found at the news agents “Narvesen”, such as the “glossy” Pop Pics, and Fabulous,



but it was New Musical Express, Disc, with the odd Melody Maker and Music Echo that provided us with the charts and the facts about the stars. But the main reference for record charts and radio was Record Mirror with its ”Tony Hall column”.




Hall incidentially was the one that tipped me off on the mentioned US Top 100 on Caroline, but also drew my attention to the fort-based stations Radio City and KING.


The pirates brought format-based radio to Europe, I learned a lot about music-”The Sound of The City” [10], learned a lot of English, a lot about radio, and all this was to pave the way for my being a dxer with special interest in the Americas on the MW band. And, a certain radio project.


By 1965, the offshore radio stations went from strenghth to strength[11][12], and I for one, was rather excited about top 40 music, the DJs , but also the newscasts, in short, R-A-D-I-O! A real radio ”junkie”. My mates and I did not have any transmitter, but this was all that was missing when we started our own pirate radio station “Radio Korsfjorden”, (”Radio CROSSFJORD”), but as this was in Norwegian only, we as the  next stage decided upon English programmes and a new name! It was more like the real thing, then, we felt. It was later to be re-named “Radio Atlanta” as we found this name was free after the merger of the Carolines!



Doesn’t the Korsfjorden ”radio ship” look a bit like the Mebo 2 some years later?


So the situation was rather hectic in that small room of mine on a sunny day in May 1966 when some pals of mine and myself were busily recording programmes for the would-be station on 312 metres. I became dj Simon De Brandon(of course with a fictious girlfriend named “Pussycat” in the studio), with my mates taking names of “Honey” Hovda, PN Mc Guire, Dee Dixon and Ronnie Garfunkel! We also had our own Jack Spector in “Chuck Corrigan”, also myself, presenting a daily show of Surf Music from Daytona Beach. This directly stemmed from our fascination of the Nashville Hot Rod Band Ronny and the Daytonas, whose song “Little GTO” on the Mala label went to no.4 in the US charts. We went on ”broadcasting” till one of the amplifiers went kaput - at 6 pm in the evening!


The mentioned Anaheim Times also had to have its report of a visit to the “Radio Atlanta” ship “off the Norwegian coast” since the “NME” had been to the Mi Amigo! And, had Keith Skues looked tired after a 3-hour stint on the air, so would Simon.


In this picture, the NRK was not entirely forgotten though, presenting at this time quite a lot of good new comedy from Rolv Wesenlund and Harald Heide Steen jr. which was much to our liking, and its new pop program “The Ten in Target”, inspired by Radio Nord and Sveriges Radio P3. The old land pirate Vidar Loenn Arnesen(Radio Flakong, Horten[13]) we thought a bit square though in comparison to the offshore djs. But gradually, the NRK vanished from my listening habits, only to return many years later.


Radio London


BIG L was, and still holds the position of no. 1 of all the pirates[14]. It had an Americanized sound – inspired by KLIF 1190 Dallas.[15] Its top 40 format was adapted for the British market, just like Gordon McLendon and Jack Kotschack already had done with Radio Nord in Sweden. The BIG L DJs were bright and professional, and the presentation slick, programmed by Ben Toney, and later, Alan Keen. The station was brilliantly managed by Philip Birch. The station also had humorous touches, much because of the late Kenny Everett’s talent. Anyone who tuned in to BIG L on 266 will remember the promos and station breaks Kenny, "Everett of England" made, like "Think of what you get with Kenny Everett", and the special London version of ”Music, Music, Music.” Kenny once said in a Record Mirror interview  that at the 266 microphone there was a little sentence ”SMILE YOU BASTARDS”, and that says a lot.



From Kenny Everett’s days on 208: Everett of England.


BIG L had many other good broadcasters. TW, or the late Tony Windsor was well known for his housewives show  from 9-12 am, and to him goes the credit for the first ”coffee break” on British Radio. TW is also well known for his ”Hullow”- ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.” Then there was the late Paul Kay who also was the news director. Paul’s very professional way of handling the news – ”Radio London time is 3.30…This is Paul Kay reporting”- will also be easily remembered. Mark Roman, The Marshal Mike Lennox, Dave Dennis (Double D), Ed Stewart(Stewpot), the late Earl Richmond, Willy Walker and Dave Cash, who handled the breakfast show for some time are other well known personalities. From Radio England and US Radio came the late and great Chuck Blair, and from Canada Lorne King. Any BIG L listener will also remember deep-voiced Duncan Johnson, a good broadcaster, who later did a lot of work for Radio Luxembourg, Capital Radio and Invicta Radio. From Radio Caroline came Keith Skues, Tony Blackburn and Tommy Vance. And from stints on several US stations came Pete Drummond and John Peel.


Some of Radio London’s broadcasters came via Bermuda, and Willy Walker went back there after Big L


In 1968 I returned to Bermuda and resumed broadcasting with the Bermuda Broadcasting Co.......first on ZBM-FM.......then onto ZBM 1, 1235 kHz with the afternoon show......and finally the morning show (10-2pm) on ZBM 2 1340KHz .......leaving in 1971. I also did some sailing reporting for ZBM TV. At nights I would MC at  the top hotels introducing the Top named imported acts.....Lonnie Donnigan, Roy Castle, 3 Degrees, Jean Paul Vignon to name some… Bermuda is where I met both Duncan Johnson ( Gerald Clements on ZBM) and Mike Lennox ( Michael Graham on ZBM) in the early sixties. It was from there that they went onto Britain and later onto Radio London. When I went to UK in 1965 I looked up Duncan and Mike...followed them into the modelling career….. and followed them onto RL. Jerry King (Fred Riley) was a former ZBM announcer..........I don't know what years but this was before he went to Radio Britain/Radio England. He later went onto TV on ABC News. Another name who we all knew in Bermuda........was a radio nut and worked in the station library was Tony Monson......The HON.AJ Monson---really. ZBM .......the Bermuda Broadcasting Co was managed in the 60's by Walt Staskow and followed later by Quinton Edness a local Dj who later took up politics. Following him and Manager today is Rick Richardson a former DJ and a local .Here's the address: Bermuda Broadcasting Co,  Fort Hill Road,   Devonshire, DV 02, Bermuda.



266’s day was 6 am - 9 pm in the beginning, later this was increased to 2 am. Of their special programs ”Radio London Fabulous 40” on Sunday afternoons attracted much interest, and the station ”made” several hits including Procol Harum ”A whiter shade of pale”, Scott McKenzies’s ”San Francisco” and many others. On the station, a lot of time mas given to new talent. The Small Faces and Unit 4+2 are just two groups that Radio London made.


Some of the station’s popularity no doubt had to do with the custom jingles made by PAMS of Dallas. Paul Kay once told that he had been stopped by the police, but the officer had let him pass when he spotted the sticker on the window, and sang ”Wonderful Radio London.” We all did! I remember well in one of Paul’s shows he identified the station by playing a jingle and then adding "266 is the number on the door."


Keith Skues took over the housewives show after TW and he had a rather humorous jingle: ”You get rid of your blues when you tune in to Keith Skues.”


The funniest time I had when tuning in to Radio London no doubt mas the New Year’s party 65/66. The DJs on the ship all gathered in the studio - among others   Earl Richmond (with sunglasses) and Mike Lennox with his guitar, and then they sang together to all the listeners.



A Big L Climber from the Fabulous 40 November 28th, 1965. From Hans Knot’s collection.


BIG L is off the air, but its ideas and the creativity live on, as John Peel, whose Perfumed Garden must be the first progressive music show on European Radio is very popular. And that is just one of the many examples I could mention of BIG L’s impact.


Swinging Radio England.


SRE was my favourite station, and is most missed. I do not think there have been any to match it in Europe. The Larry Dean tests on “355” in May 1966 hit me like a bomb, and since then I was hooked. So strong are the impressions, that to this day “Boss Radio” I am happy to say is remembered vividly with great fondness.


When it closed, a station ended that-in spite of other excellent stations like its sister station Britain Radio, or Radio London, the Carolines or Radio Nova Dublin-easily became the most influential for me personally during the heyday of the UK pirates. Even if it was a lesser success financially I am very grateful for the adventurous attitude of Don Pierson, Bill Vick and the others involved. It should have stayed on, in order to really take off.[16]


Shortlived "SRE on 227" stands forth as a top 40 programmed station in the best mid60ies tradition. Via especially Radio England kids in Northern Europe were treated to the same type of radio, music and djs like contemporary kids in the USA. That station was our WABC, WMCA,  WPTR, WLAC, WQAM, KHJ, CHUM, what-have-you! Its ”Jet Set" and "Thatman" jingles have later been widely copied. Most of the DJs came from US Radio, although Roger Day and Johnnie Walker, two of the British ones, are the DJs that later mould emerge as most popular. I also remember well the "Boomers Broadcasting Company" with B B Brannigan from 9 am - 2 pm. Gordon Bennett, Bill Berry, Errol Bruce, Larry Dean, Graham Gill, Colin Nicol, Ron O’Queen, Gerry Smithwick, and Mark Stevens, are other big names. Tom Cooper was also a favourite, I can well remember my father returning from the UK autumn 1966 with a small transistor with the names of Radio London and Radio Caroline printed on the dial. But I chose first tuning in SRE on ”227” with Tom being the one on air. And guess if I was proud to receive a card from the Managing Director Bill Vick, on August 12th, 1966! "Svinging Radio England" as it was known, is also well known for its "Space news hotlines" every hour 15 mins past the hour, and was the first station to program a "flashback weekend", with every record being played an oldie.                                           


Britain Radio.


Sister station BRITAIN RADIO on 355 metres was also short lived. But I am sure many will happily remember the good sounds from 355, in the first Middle-of-the-Road-format on British Radio. Britain was also well programmed, with news every hour on the hour, and "Britain Radio - Hallmark of Quality" jingles. One of the best programmes was "Musical Carousel”, hosted by Graham Gill and others.


The Carolines[17].


RADIO CAROLINE must also be mentioned. I, personally, enjoyed most of

its broadcasting time, from September 1964 until 2nd of March 1968. And what could be more natural than the first record being heard by me from Caroline North was Martha and the Vandellas’ ”Dancing in the Street”?

”Calling out, around the world

are you ready for a brand new beat?”

© Gordy/Tamla-Motown

Promotional Card: The Caroline North Ship mv Fredericia. A gift from Daffy Don Allen.


I was a big fan of Daffy Don Allen since he started on Radio Caroline in 1965. A special favourite was his Country Jamboree, maybe the first and still one of the few examples of country radio in Europe to this day. I often listened to Daffy Don's C&W show, and when I realized it had gone in March 1968, I cried each time I played the recording of his show close: "Don Allen's Country & Western... Jam...bo...REE!!! plunging into the ”Cumberland Gap” theme by Homer and the Barnstormers. Don played Statler Brothers, Little Jimmy Dickens, Johnny Cash, the lot, plus Country and Irish Frankie McBride and Larry Cunningham. ”You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy!” This gave me a first start with the world of Country music in its real context. When the Nashville sound was presented on the NRK on May 18th 1964 I felt the setting just wasn’t right. I also loved his regular show: ”The Big Wide Wonderful Willy Of The Daffy Donny Ally Argh…”


Don also was a master-crafter of jingles. He was able to take one jingle, and from this make many others using different voice-overs. His ”drop-ins” "Hahahaha” "Funnee Funnee" are the best. Don was slick and very, very good in presentation, referring to the time ”on the old clock on the wall.” Don was certainly many, many years ahead of his time. In Norway and Europe I don’t think yet we have seen anybody like him. He was a great dj, and a great character. And it was a pleasant experience to meet him in 1983.


A visit to Don Allen


Don Allen, real name Thomas Alan Jorge, worked originally on what is today the AR Radio Network(CFAR Flin Flon 590/CHTM Thompson 610/CJAR The Pas 1240, MB in Canada. All 3 stations were later heard by me.) His offshore and Manx Radio career is well known.  He was also on BBC Merseyside for a period, and during the heyday of the Irish Pirates he was briefly on Sunshine Radio, Radio Nova, and then went to Royal County Radio/RCR in Navan, before going down to Radio ERI. Later on Radio West, Mullingar, CCR/Cavan Community R, Erneside R(Belturbet) R Star Country in the Monaghan mountains and on R3 Tullamore.


Promotional Card. Another donation from the late Daffy Don Allen.


In 1983 I went first to RCR in Co Meath to look him up, as Don started and co-owned this station that broadcast on 846 AM, first from Navan Town itself, and later from the old Radio Nova 10 kW transmitter, this having been moved to Dunshaughlin, Co Meath. The studios were all the time at the Arcade in Navan. I had a most pleasant time there, but Don had recently left, to go down to ERI on 1305 AM, broadcasting from Whites Cross East of Cork City.


Several of the djs shared a house in Glanmire, Co Cork, which is where Don invited me after I had a look around the ERI studios and transmitter site.


At the house we sat down and looked at his photo album from RCN, a female fan had sent in a camera for him to take pics, and he had got a copy of these from her. I especially remember pictures from the towing in March 1968, and lots of interior pics from the Fredericia, but some of them must have been pre-MOA, as Baby Bob Stewart was on some. I took several photos at the occasion, including one of Don’s famous suitcase taken at the bottom of the stairs.


Don asked if I would like his promos and jingles. He never got round to copy them for me,  however.


I discussed the excellent dj Canadian Rip Thorne with Don. I especially remember a great Midnight Surf Party in October 1967. Don agreed on his qualities but said the man(Canadian) in his opinion was a mystery person who suddenly came, and suddenly went.


Here Don’s fellow dj on RCN, Andy Cadier aka Martin Kayne takes up the story:


Yes, I was once as known as Martin Kayne and I still reappear in public on or about the 14th August each year, the rest of the time I am Andy.


I did visit Don Allen after the ships were towed away at his house in Redhill in Surrey, I seem to remember his wife...  Rip Thorne's name was invented one evening on the Fredericia.  I understood he was actually a TV broadcaster and he had with him a large 16mm cine camera (video had not been invented then) the story I was told was that he had come to Britain and somehow run short of cash and wanted to get some money to pay his air fare back home to Canada.


Greg Bance I see each year at the Radio Essex reunion, also John Aston and Mark Sloane.  I have not seen Jason Wolfe, Ross Brown, Dee Harrison or *Lord* Charles Brown (another Don Allen creation) for many years.  The last time I saw Jim Gordon and Ross Brown was when they turned up here in Folkestone on my doorstep. I have heard that Jim Gordon (Guy Blackmore) has died of cancer in Australia.

For a considerable amount of memorabilia donated to this writer by the late ”Daffy” Don Allen in Glanmire from his career and especially his time with Radio Caroline, plus some epics from the visit, please go to http://www.stellamaris.no/don.html


A funny episode was the solemn heralding of the arrival of DJ Lord Charles Brown to the North Ship. It all was broadcast on the airwaves of 259, with a big cruiser entering Ramsay Bay, red carpet and all.


Caroline North[18] was never boring. It had a true station identity and personality, and the jocks added their great personalities to this, really loving to be on the air.


Caroline has had many DJs, but in addition to the ones mentioned, Jim Murphy ("Murph the Surf"), Baby Bob Stewart[19], Robbie Dale, Keith Hampshire, Steve Young (The curly headed kid in the 3rd row) Bud Ballou and Johnnie Walker must be named. Johnnie is well known today, but already in 1967 his 9-12 pm show on Caroline South was almost legendary. He was also at the microphone when the Marine Offences Bill became effective on August 15th. 1967. To him must go the credit for the popularity of Soul music in Great Britain.


The Emperor Rosko began his European career on Caroline South, and I can still remember the South ship test transmission on April 26th, 1966 on 1187 when Rosko for the first time used the station’s SOUND OF THE NATION IDs. Shortly afterwards, by the way, there were 3 Carolines for a short time, both from Mi Amigo and Cheetah 2 came the sound of Caroline South, to prevent loss of audience in the frequency



I also remember how eagerly I tuned in to the South ship "Cash Box Top 100" on Sunday mornings. 


Radio 270


Being off the Yorkshire Coast, RADIO 270 had en enormous signal into Norway. It was often heard on kid’s transistors. Many Australian broadcasters found their way to this station, among them Dennis Straney or ”Dennis the Menace", Hal Yorke and ”Neddy” Noel Miller. This station became one of the best and most popular of all the offshore stations. Ross Randell was also one of their DJs, as was Paul Burnett, names that are established today. Ross, whose real name is Alan West, was top RNI man for some time and Paul was senior DJ with Radio Luxembourg for several years later.[20] My favourite was Vince ”Rusty” Allen, who closed down the station, on August 14th, 1967.


Radio City


I also became eager to hear Radio City-”The tower of power”, after having seen adverts for it in ”Record Mirror”. City also was featured in the ”Tony Hall”-column in the same music paper. Record Mirror was my first WRTH, so to speak. As for Tony Hall, I remember he thought well of City, and especially mentioned the 5 by 4 show.



We kids tried to get Radio City on the radio, and had quite a lot of theories regarding how  to find it. We thought e.g. that the ”ship-” (most pirates had one!) and its situation determined the frequency situation on the band!


At any rate, at last we did succeed hearing the fort-based station, and when told about the first logging by a school-mate I went straight home, tumed on the ”Vega” and heard Radio City with the ”No. 1 in the City top 60” by the Beatles-”We can work it out” on 1034 kHz, 290 MW.


I also tuned in the summer of 1966 when the raiders had gone, and the station came back on the air in the evening, I remember with a strong and clear signal.



Radio City promotional card. From the collection of Rolf Mong.


In November 1966, I was ill in bed, and had an all-day safari of offshore radio: ”Good Vibrations”, by the Beach Boys 10 times in one day!) and listened among others to Gordon Bennett and B.B. Brannigan on Radio England, and to Kenny Everett on Radio London. Of course I also tuned to City, and monitored its sign-off at Midnight with an edited Pams Radio London weather jingle; Here’s the latest weatherword on 299!(The 299 being a substitute for Wonderful Radio London) The dj announced the Radio City weatherwatch at 12 midnight, and then, after the weather, the station closed for the night after a brief announcement saying that City would be back at 6 with the Early Bird show, and that it was situated off the Whitsable Kent coast. Under the music an instrumental tune by Graham Bond(Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf)-the same, by the way, was utilized by BBMS and Radio London, with ”BIG L” in deep voice edited in with Duncan Johnson. Finally City went off with the National Anthem: ”God Save the Queen.”


As for the general reception, I’ve noted Spanish interference, which ought to be wrong, as I guess it was the then Radio Clube Portugues. I’ve later read that the tx was VFO controlled at first, but my notes say nothing of a heterodyne.


Now  I hear Shivering Sands is in a very bad state. At least it has a part in the broadcasting history of Great Britain.[21]


KING and Radio 390.


The ”Tony Hall”-column in Record Mirror also featured King as well. Hall had been to the coast and ”raved” about the radio possibilities. He drew my attention to the '”Mike Raven show”  on KING Radio, which he’d heard whilst on Bank Holiday in 1965. He said that the Raven show was a ”must” for blues and soul fans. And right he were. As it turned out, KING became 390, and then Raven suddenly got a radio platform with a clear signal and wide coverage.


I did not realize at the time what a great radio station 390 was, broadcasting from Red Sands. And when listening to tapes from it today you must admit, THAT was a good sound! The programming was excellent and presenters like the late Edward Cole, David Allen, Jonathan Hall and Graham Gill are well remembered.


I first heard Radio 390 on 773 kHz MW early 1966. Reception was greatly hindered by the Swedish co-channel domestic transmitter at Nacka. The time was from 1900 British time. Later I wrote in ”Anaheim Times” that 390 had a great show with rock’ n roll and such things! The program: The Raven show, with Mike playing Bessie Smith!


So huge was the impact of the pirates, that even a 14-Year old boy in Norway into pop music, would enjoy an American Blues Singer on ”Eve, The Woman’s magazine of the air”!



Also little Radio Essex made an impact into Norway as is seen in this reproduced page from ”Anaheim Times”


Radio Scotland


I will entirely leave the story to Anaheim Times of January 16th, 1966:



1967: The Laissez Faire comes back and-I hear my first NA dx!


A part of the antenna mast of The Laissez Faire, now housing Radio Dolfijn and Britain Radio, broke in February 1967. As is well known, the ship therefore had to go to Holland for repairs. At this time this operation also badly needed re-financing, something that its Texan backers secured on March 11th, 1967. With repairs done, the ship departed from Zaandam on March 14th,1967, and was back in position March 15th,1967. It seems it re-started broadcasting again the day after, March 16th,1967 at 2000 GMT with Radio 355 on 845 sounding similar to Radio 390, whose former boss Ted Allbeury now was operating the two stations on behalf of the Texan owners[22]. I have noted Radio 227 at 2230 on 1322, with close down at 2300 GMT(midnight). I remember organ music and the dj’s name being Jos… Then 227 left the air.


This was to be the real start of my radio listening(dxing) career, as CKEC New  Glasgow, NS(Canada) 1320 suddenly was found on the channel shortly after the  ship's transmitter was turned off. I thought Radio England had come back!



Not the return of Swinging Radio England, but a door-opener to the new world!


At any rate a most decisive moment that stands glued to your memory. And in the coming night, stations from all over Eastern North America turned up on the MW band. I remember especially CJCB 1270 not leaving me in doubt it came from Sydney and Cape Breton. But where was this? The atlas provided the answer: Nova Scotia!  But of course, without any log or WRTH, or tape recorder, only a few stations were identified, by noting call letters and addresses.


It was later in the spring, when I found the USA produced “Whites Radio Log” as an appendix to “Radio TV Experimenter” in a “Narvesen” kiosk, that the identity and location of some of the stations were established.



Later, when checking the logs of dx friend Rolf Mong, undoubtedly no.1 among Norwegian dxers in the 60s and 70s, it appears that the “conds” had been good for several days already in Mid-March 1967.


And imagine then how proud I was when the kind replies, the QSLs came! CJCH 920, WBZ-1030, WNEW-1130 and CJCB-1270 all answered my very immature reports effectively and politely.


Beskrivelse: cjch1



If you have wondered what dxing stands for, it is Hams lingo, with “DX” standing for “distance”. This was to become my life-saver after the loss of the pirates, and to become an important part of my life for over 30 years. It gave me an essential knowledge of broadcasting, from propagation to running of stations. It has given me life-lasting friends, insight into music, languages, and perhaps most importantly, a trained “ear” for everything from verifiable material in proving a reception, hearing what is good radio and to listening to people in life generally and especially in my Church Ministry.


Of course, my listening career also provided me with an invaluable background and an overwhelming material that all was put into the planning of a large radio project of which the roots then are found way back in the trials of a German KZ, but also in post-war childhood experiences, as well as in the teen years with the pirates.


On a fact-finding tour of the Irish pirates in 1983 I was as already mentioned also in Co.Cork. While there I related some of the experiences above to the late “Daffy” Don Allen. He then asked me how old I was when I listened to him on Caroline North. When he heard I was a teenager he smilingly commented: “That’s the best time!



(For European Stations all times my local time. For Transatlantic Stations all times GMT Greenwich Mean Time)




890 kHz Sept 21st, 1957 LKB NRK Askoey. Dagsnytt. King Haakon VII dies, sailing ship ”Pamir” lost in tropical cyclone W of Azores, 86 men lost.

890 kHz Oct 28th, 1958 LKB NRK Askoey. Dagsnytt. White smoke from Vatican. Pope John XXIII elected.

890 kHz Jan 30th 1959 LKB NRK Askoey. Dagsnytt. Danish passenger ship Hans Hedtoft collides with iceberg and sinks enroute Greenland on its maiden voyage.

890 kHz  June 23rd 1959 LKB NRK Askoey. Dagsnytt. Stalheim tourist hotel in the Norwegian mountains burns down to the ground with several casualities.

890 kHz  Feb 5th, 1960 0645 LKB NRK Askoey. Dagsnytt. The ship Onega of Ole T Flakke lost in the Baltic.

890 kHz  Feb 27th, 1960 LKB NRK Askoey. In sports, Knut Johannessen wins 10000 metres speedskating w a new  world record of 15,46, 6 in Squaw Valley, CA.

890 kHz  Sept.7th, 1960 LKB NRK Askoey. Sports.  Peder Lunde jr. and BjŅrn Bergvall win Olympic Sailing Contest in Rome in Flying Dutchman class.

890 kHz  Sept.18th, 1960 LKB NRK Askoey. Sports.  Norway with 17-year old Roald Kniksen Jensen from Brann, Bergen beats Sweden 7-6 in Football at Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo in front of 31000 people including King Olav V and Crown Prince Harald.

890 kHz  Jan 14th, 1962 LKB NRK Askoey. Dagsnytt. The new  Bishop of Bergen Diocese, Per Juvkam is consecrated.

890 kHz  Aug.11th, 1962  LKB NRK Askoey. Dagsnytt. Kosmonaut Andrej Nikolajev flies in space from Vostok III.

890 kHz  Oct.7th, 1962  LKB NRK Askoey. Vaticanum II is opened by Pope John XXIII.

890 kHz  Oct.21st, 1962  LKB NRK Askoey. Coast Steamer Sanct Svithun comes off course on Folda, runs aground and sinks. 44 dead.

890 kHz  Oct.24th, 1962  LKB NRK Askoey. Cuba crisis. US blocade of Cuba.

890 kHz  Dec.9th, 1962  LKB NRK Askoey. Tanganyika a sovereign state. Julius Nyerere the first president.

890 kHz  Dec.25th, 1962  LKB NRK Askoey. The County Hotel in Bergen burns down. Live coverage by reporter Jakob Skarstein who was in a party nearby.


890 kHz  Feb.3rd, 1963  LKB NRK Askoey. Sports. Nils Aaness wins European Championship in speed skating in Gothenburg.

890 kHz  Feb.24th, 1963  LKB NRK Askoey. Sports. Johnny Nilsson wins 10000 metres and World Championship in speed skating in Karuizawa.

890 kHz  April 10th, 1963  LKB NRK Askoey. USS Thresher lost in the Atlantic.

890 kHz  June 3rd, 1963  LKB NRK Askoey. Pope John XXIII dies in the Vatican.

890 kHz  June 16th, 1963  LKB NRK Askoey. First female kosmonaut, Valentina Tereshkova in space.

890 kHz  August 24th, 1963  LKB NRK Askoey. The Einar Gerhardsen government resigns. John Lyng new Prime Minister.

890 kHz  Oct.13th, 1963  LKB NRK Askoey. SK Brann Bergen wins football, 1st Division w 24 points.


890 kHz  Feb.5th,1964  LKB NRK Askoey. Sports. Norway takes the 3 first positions on 5000 metres speed skating in Winter Olympics in Innsbruck.

1439 kHz May 3rd,1964 0000 Radio Luxembourg, Marnach. ”Top 20” with Barry Alldis, “Your djba”” . ”Sunsilk Shampoo” No.1 Peter and Gordon ”World Without Love”.”208” “The Station of the Stars”[23].

1439 kHz May 31st,1964 0000 Radio Luxembourg. ”Top 20” : No.1 Cilla Black ”You’re my world”, No.2 Four Pennies “Juliet”.

1439 kHz June 7th,1964 0000 Radio Luxembourg Cilla Black still no.1. Chuck Berry sings: “Cruisin’ and playing the radio”, with “No particular place to go,” at no.4. Shooting star is “Shout” by Lulu and the Luvvers from 18 to 12.

1214 kHz July 4th, 1964 1600 BBC Light Program. Burghead with synchro transmitters. Alan Freeman: ”Pick of the Pops.”

1214 kHz July 9th, 1964 0900 BBC Light Program. Brian Matthew: ”Saturday Club.”

1439 kHz Aug ,1964  Radio Luxembourg. ”Battle of the Giants.”

890 kHz Aug.4th, 1964 LKB NRK AskŅy. Dagsnytt. The U.S.S. Maddox attacked in Tonkin Bay incident. Pres. Lyndon Johnson calls for War, sends Hangar ship.

1439 kHz Aug,15th,1964 0000 Radio Luxembourg. Manfred Mann and Do Wah Diddy Diddy goes to No.1 in Top 20.

1520 kHz Sept 15th, 1964 1200 Radio Caroline North from mv Fredericia off Ramsey, Isle of Man playing Martha and the Vandellas ”Dancing in the Street” “R Caroline on 199”

1520 kHz Sept 18th, 1964 1600 Radio Caroline North playing Supremes and Peter Jay&Jaywalkers versions of “Where did our love go?”

1520 kHz Oct, 1964 1600 Radio Caroline North. ”Big Line-Up” w  Ric Johns.

890 kHz  October 1st,1964  LKB NRK AskŅy Sports. In Summer Olympics in Tokyo Terje Pedersen throws 91,72 metres, new  world record.

890 kHz  October 15th,1964  LKB NRK AskŅy Ext’d sked. Chruzhchev deposed from power, Kosygin/Brezhnev in, discussion into the small hours.

890 kHz  Nov.3rd, 1966 LKB NRK AskŅy. Dagsnytt. LBJ elected as President of the USA with an overwhelming majority over Goldwater. Hubert Humphrey is the Vice President.


1127 kHz Jan, 1965 1530 R London, Mv Galaxy off Frinton-on-Sea. ”Little Honda” by the Hondells, as ”Hard Days Night” premiers on Bergen’s Forum Cinema.

1493 kHz Jan 30th, 1965 Radio Caroline South from mv Mi Amigo off Frinton-on-Sea covering  the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill.

1127 kHz April, 1965 0800 R London w Paul Kaye giving out position 51 deg 47 mins 9 secs N, 01 deg 20 mins 55 secs E.

1520 kHz June 5th, 1965 2000 Radio Caroline North. 1 year anniversary off IOM.

1133 kHz July, 1965 1500  R London. ”Heartfull of Soul” w Yardbirds heard on ship’s radio on holiday in Austevoll.

1520 kHz Oct 1st, 1965 1200-1430? Radio Caroline North. Billboard Top One-Hundred. No.1 “Yesterday” w Beatles, no.2 “Lovers Concerto” by Toys.

1493 kHz  Oct 2nd, 1965 0900-1200 Radio Caroline South. Cash Box Top 100 No.83 Let me be w Turtles, No.71 Road Runner Gants, No.42 Where have all the flowers gone w Johnny Rivers, no.30 Eve of Destruction w Barry McGuire, no.5 Keep on dancin’ w Gentrys.

1394 kHz Oct 2nd, 1965 1500 Sveriges R P2 synchro txs at Malmö, Halmstad, Varberg, Gothenburg, Uddevalla, Vänersborg and BorĆs. Thought to be Radio Syd, but this seems only to be on FM.

1133 kHz Nov 15th,1965 1430  R London. Great mx, Len Barry 1-2-3, no,1 in Fab 40 played every hour after news. PF Sloan “Sins of the Family” and “Sunrays “I live for the sun.” also heard.

1295 kHz Nov 15th,1965 Manx Radio, Douglas. Sounded like ”Knight Radio”. Weak signal, thought new pirate.



1133 kHz Dec. 20th, 1965? Radio London. 0900 ”John Edward sitting in for TW, Tony Windsor. London is stronger and stronger now. “Day Tripper” no.1 in Fab 40.



The Radio London Fab 40 from December 5th, 1965, courtesy of Music Echo.


1520 kHz Dec. 20th, 1965? Radio Caroline North. I did not like the idea of Ugli Ray being bald! “Day Tripper” no.1 in Sound of’ 65, the Fab50.

1034 kHz Dec. 20th, 1965 Radio City, Shivering Sands. Has “We can work it out” by Beatles as no.1.

1133 kHz Dec. 25th, 1965? Radio London. 2015 ”Go Now” by the Moody Blues, first no.1 in the Big L Fab 40.

1133 kHz Dec. 25th, 1965 Radio London. 0000 DJs ”sing the Christmas in” Ed Stewart w/guitar. Plus Paul Kay, Mike Lennox a.o. Dave Cash is better now, and how many times have TW said ”Hullo?”

1439 kHz Dec. 25th, 1965 R Luxembourg, Marnach. Better after Pete Brady came along. He’s so bright! “Day Tripper” no.1 in Top20 from New Musical Express.                  

1133 kHz Dec. 27th, 1965? Radio London. Earl Richmond playing ”The Little girl I once knew” by Beach Boys on evening show. ”1-2-3-4” in break. One of the original Big L djs, used on many shows, fine guy.

1133 kHz Dec. 31st, 1965. Radio London.  2200-0030. Dave Dennis- the ”Double D”-  had the program from 2200-2400. Dave Dennis talks too much, but he’s a really funny dj. ”England swings” by Roger Miller. Then Radio London’s New Years Ball was funny. When it was ’66 they wished Happy New Year to the listeners. Suddenly all djs was in studio. Drinking milk, Earl Richmond came first, then Mark Roman that thanked Mr. Dennis  for the goodness of letting him say something. So came John Edward, that else has become really good now. At last Mike Lennox, who wished Happy New  Year to Ma and Pa, as well as his girlfriends.

1493 kHz Dec. 31st, 1965 0000. Radio Caroline South. New Year’s celebration. Letter from listener: You must not drink too much.

1106 kHz Dec. 31st, 1965. 0000 AFN Munich Surf Music, Jan and Dean, Drags.


1520 kHz Jan 1st, 1966 Radio Caroline North. Baby Bob Stewart playing ”Sandy” by Ronny&Daytonas. Big Jim Murphy very good show  this day.

1349 kHz Jan.3rd,1966. 0300 R Essex from Knock John Fort. Mark West. ”Everything’s alright” by The Mojos. At 0500 Graham Johns ”Get up and Go show” 222 metres.



In the summer of 1983, Mark West(Wesley) would write out the QSL card to me.


1237 kHz Jan.4th,1966. 1500 We’ve got a new station! It’s R Scotland from mv Comet on the Scottish Coast. It sounds good after they got some good records. Pop mx. ”You heard it a while ago. You must hear it again”: Lee Dorsey. ”Ride your pony” 38 Park Street, Glasgow. Good djs are Roger Gale, Peter Borman, Bob Spencer, and a few others.  Newsreader: Allan Black. They’ve got expressions too: Bob Spencer(Ugly, Spence): ”Goodly,goodly.” Roger Gale:” ”My new Scotch for this week.”), Ann. Over theme: ”The Black Bear” : ”On 242 metres in the MW band, this is Radio Scotland.” 

1493 kHz Sunday, Jan 9th, 1966 0900-1200 Radio Caroline South. Cash Box Top 100 w/ Colin Nicol. He did it fine! New djs  Ted Harris, Tony Haigh and Tony Prince??

1562 kHz Sunday, Jan 9th, 1966 1900 Radio Veronica, Dutch Coast, is quite good nowadays, tune in! Yes, now you can tune in to no less than 7 pirate stations: Caroline North and South, London, City, Scotland, Veronica and 390. And besides, you have pop on Luxembourg where Kenny Everett and Pete Brady is now, BBC and AFN! Lux is better after the “make-up.”

1237 kHz Jan 15th, 1966 2100 R Scotland, off Dunbar. Pops. ”Swinging to you on 242-this is Radio Scotland.” Sked: ”Rooster Call” Bob Spencer(Ugly, Spence) at 0600, Pete Borman at 0900. ”Shindig” w Tony “The Hat” Meehan at 1200. ”Laze Around” w Roger Gale at 1500. ”Countdown” w Bob Spencer at 1700. ”World Tomorrow” at 1900. Cashbox Top 100 w Bob Spencer 2000-2130.(I don’t know why, they must understand that Caroline South’s show compered by Graham Webb is better!) It all started on the very beginning of 1966. It’s not so much to talk about yet, but I’ll try. They have many djs, also Jack McCrockland, Paul Young, Alan Black. In the beginning they had old records only to play. Best programs(I think) Stateside 100, UK 50.

1520 kHz Jan 15th, 1966 Radio Caroline North. Caroline’s chart re-titled Caroline Countdown of Sound. Tony Prince called it Hot or Top 50. Ugli Ray Teret is too much going to make himself lovely. Caroline South changed Sounds of 65 to top 60 yesterday.

1034 kHz Sunday, Jan 16th, 1966 R City  Record show. Copying London I think, their records are exactly the same!

1133 kHz Sunday, Jan 16th, 1966. Radio London  ”Marshal Mike Lennox”. He and John Edward very good djs! TW’s standard expressions: ”Hullo!” ”You must be joking.” ”Oh, dear you if you do!” Mark Roman: ”A big high greeting!” ”From the Big L library of past hits gone by-a revived 45”.

1493 kHz  Sunday, Jan 16th, 1966 0900-1200 Radio Caroline South. Cash Box Top 100 w/ Graham Spider Webb.

1562 kHz  Sunday, Jan 16th, 1966 1900 Radio Veronica off Holland. Very US minded and some UK and Continental flashes. A show  I like is the 7 O’Clock show.

1520 kHz Sunday, Jan 16th, 1966 Radio Caroline North. ””A Golden gasser” ”A blast from the past” ”A personality pick to click.” ”A hot shot for the top slot”

1493 kHz Jan 21st, 1966 Radio Caroline South. Dj line-up before the grounding: Graham Spider Webb; Tony Blackburn, Mel Howard; Dave Lee Travis; Colin Nicol, a few others, and Norman St.John as news reader. Bryan Vaughan was very good, one of the best djs I’ve ever heard. Others who’ve left: Keith Skues and Mike Allan now in the Caroline ad.

1133 kHz Jan. 22nd, 1966. 1430. R London. “Here is Radio London news at 3.30. Dateline Saturday Jan.22nd. (RL in Morse)Frinton, Essex. Radio ship Caroline South went aground last night and stands on the beach in Frinton. It is in great danger of breaking up completely.…Next news on Radio London at 4.30, Mike Lennox reporting.” Big L has got a good man in him!

1034 kHz Sat. Jan. 22nd, 1966 R City. Fine. Nothing on Jan.23rd.

1196 kHz Sat. Jan. 22nd, 1966. VOA Munich w  Billboard Hot 100

1256? kHz Jan.23rd, 1966 R Scotland. Return to the air after 2 days break. Bob Spencer and Pete Bowman could be natural without joking so much! Heavily plugging of ”Broomstick Cowboy” by Bobby Goldsboro.


1562 kHz  Sunday, Jan 23th, 1966 Radio Veronica. Better and better programs.

773 kHz Sunday Feb. 6th, 1966. R 390, Red Sands. 1900-2000. The Mike Raven show. ”The oldest living teenager in captivity.” Reception was greatly hindered by the Swedish transmitter. Plays some pop. ”A great show at night with rock'n roll& such things.”


Beskrivelse: AT261265


Illustration: Anaheim Times “Results of 1965” Best radio programs of 1965 were The American charts on the Carolines.


1133 kHz Feb 6th, 1966 R. London Mike Lennox and Duncan Johnson are very good. Station full of routine!

1259 KHz Feb 6th, 1966 R Scotland. Dj Alan Black is not so good. I heard his Stateside top 50 today, but in the end he really took himself up, though. Where did Radio Caroline South go? Caroline North-fab station!

1439 kHz Feb.6th, 1966 Radio Luxembourg has gained Ric Johns, Simon Dee, Keith Skues(CBS), Pete Brady and Kenny Everett.



1493 kHz Feb.12th; 1966 1500 Radio Caroline South from Cheeta II of Frinton. Top 50 w/ Tony Blackburn(bad reception) Lapland by Finn Eriksen played, obviously from Radio Syd’s collection.



From Melody Maker 050266.


773 kHz March  6th, 1966. R 390. 1900-2000. The Mike Raven show. Very fine dj. His evening show is a must for Rock ’n Soul fans. Has his own group, played recently at the Wimbledon Palace. BCM 390, London WC1—35a Bessborough Place, London SW1. Interference from Stockholm.

1133 kHz March 7th, 1966 R. London 2100: Paul Kay w Kaye Klub: “266 is the number on the door.” Paul Kay is odd man out because he always sounds so professional! He has played Little GTO by Ronny and the Daytonas more than the others I think! ”This is Paul Kay reporting.” "The Mike Lennox Climber” is ”Ready Steady” by the Clockwork Oranges. Anaheim times best djs: 1 Dave Cash, 2 Tony Blackburn 3 Graham Webb 4 Mike Lennox 5 Duncan Johnson 6 Mike Ahern 7 Don Allen 8 Keith Skues 9 Kenny Everett 10 Mark Roman 11 Dave Dennis 12 Mike Raven 13 Rick Dane 14 Pete Brady 15 Jim Murphy 16 Earl Richmond 17 Paul Kay 18 Simon Dee 19 Ed Stewart 20 Jack Mc Crochland(wrong spelling of Laughlin, sm) 20 Tom Edwards 20 Jerry Super Leighton

1133 kHz March 20th, 1966 R. London Sked: 0530-0900: Rabbit Patch Dave Cash. 0900-1200: TW progr w Tony Windsor. 1200-1500 Double D show w Dave Dennis. 1500-1800 Stewpot show w Ed Stewart 1800-2100 Roman Empire w Mark Roman (incl World Tomorrow from 1900-1930?) 2100-2400 Kaye Klub Paul Kay 0000-0200 Around Midnight Duncan Johnson.(Duncan is Big L’s deepest voice, I think he is very professional, so is Mike Lennox, who is a very good newsreader. Uses a theme tune of Herb Alpert&Tijuana Brass. Replacement djs Earl Richmond, John Edward, Mike Lennox.


Anaheim Times, March 20th, 1966.


1187 kHz April 26th, 1966 1300  Radio Caroline South from Mi Amigo[24] Test transmission w new ”259”, ”Sound of the Nation” slogans and ”Caroline- The Sound of the Nation” jingles w new dj Emperor Rosko.

1493 kHz April 27th, 1966 0700  Radio Caroline 3 from Cheeta II Breakfast show w/Tony Prince and Graham Webb, urging to retune to ”259” from ”199”, “We shouldn’t be here at all, you know.”

1133 kHz May 9th, 1966 2100 R London. Graham Gill new dj starting show w Jan&Dean ”Honolulu Lulu”

845 kHz May 21st,1966 2000 R England Mv Laissez Faire off Frinton. "Swingin' Radio England" Larry Dean Top 40 mx Jet Set jingles. ”The Boss Jocks play much more music.” Addr.: 32 Curzon Street, London W1.

1320 kHz May 22nd,1966 1200 Britain R  Mv Laissez Faire. ”Hallmark of Quality.”

1115 kHz June 3rd,1966 1300  R 270 Mv Oceaan VII off Scarborough, Yorks. Addr: Scarborough, Yorks.

New station w djs Pete Bowman, Noel Miller, Hal Yorke. ”Black is Black” w Los Bravos heavily played. Strong signal. Cd midnight.

1520 kHz June 3rd,1966 1900 R Caroline North Jack Spector show. Music by Cyrkle, Ben E King, Association, Mc Coys,  mention of Top 10 in Nu York City. Jack Spector, your leader.

845 kHz June 10th,1966 2000 Britain R on new frequency.

1115 kHz June 11th,1966 2000 R London. Blocking new Radio 270!

1320 kHz June 19th, 1966 0200 R England. "Swingin' Radio England" 2-6 Ron O’Quinn 6-10 Roger Day 10-2 Brian Tylney 2-6 Graham Gill.

1137.5 kHz June 20th,1966 2000 R London. New fq. 17 Curzon St, London W1.

1520 kHz June 24th,1966 1100 R Caroline North, PO Box 3 Ramsey, Isle of Man.  0600-2030, 0000-0200.

1187 kHz June 25th,1966 2050 R Caroline South. Rick Dane Rave Party w  Ike and Tina Turner, Syndicate of Sound mx Emperor Rosko promo 3-6 be there or be square. 6 Chesterfield Gdns, London W1

845 kHz June 25th,1966 Britain R. ”Britain R, Hallmark of Quality” 32 Curzon St, London W1

1562 kHz June 25th,1966 1900 R Veronica. PO Box 218, Hilversum, Holland

1115 kHz June 25th,1966 R 270. 0630-2400

1034 kHz June 26th, 1966 2200 R City returned to the air after silence because of raid. Good signals! Ian Mac Rae. 7 Denmark S, London WC2

1259 kHz June 25th,1966 2306 R Scotland. RS House, Cranworth St, Glasgow  W2. 0600-0300. Pops.

1137.5 kHz July, 1966 R London. Keith Skues heard in Sveio mentioning reception reports: “we’ve had one as far as India I think.”

1466 kHz July 7th, 1966 LLT NRK Geilo heard while in Dagali. Mast seen just opposite Dagali road in village. Could follow groundwave signal of this 250 watter down to Hol.

1034 kHz July, 1966 0030 AFN Europe synchro heard in Oslo

1520 kHz July, 1966 R Caroline North. Baby Bob Stewart heard on late night show in car near Voss on the way home.

1137.5 kHz Aug, 1966 2000 R London. Alan West new dj

890 kHz  Sept. 7th, 1966 LKB NRK AskŅy. News. Car Ferry “Skagerak” lost in heavy seas off the coast of Jutland.

1520 kHz Sept. 20th, 1966 1600 R Caroline North. Tony Prince: ”Caroline, your Cupid station”. Caroline Newsbeat w Gordy Cruze, 6 Don Allen Request and Action show. Marriage onboard, live coverage of dj Mick Luvzit marrying English girl.


Radio Caroline North dj roster autumn 1966


1187 kHz Nov.1966? 0800 R Caroline South. Sked: Keefer’s Kingdom 0600-0900, Mike Ahern Show 0900-1200  DLT Lunchtime Show 1200-1500 Johnnie Walker Fiasco. 1500-1800 Robbie Dale’s Diary 1800-2100 Rick Dane Show 2100-2400 Steve Young’s Night Trip show  0000-0300. Late night show 0300-0600

1137.5 kHz Nov.1966 0800 R London. Sked: Kenny Everett 0530-0900, TW Show 0900-1200  Tony Blackburn. 1200-1500 Ed ”Stewpot  Stewart. 1500-1800 Dave Dennis 1800-2100 Roman Empire w Mark Roman 2100-2400 Chuck Blair  0000-0200. News at .30.

1320 kHz Nov,9th, 1966? 0900 R England. Gordon Bennett handing over to B.B. Brannigan’s “Boomer’s Broadcasting Company” 0900-1400 ”Rain on the Roof” Lovin’ Spoonful. Played twice ”Wonderful land” by Shadows, and ”Boss Radio-Instant replay(3 times)” jingle. Other songs: ”Good Vibrations ” by  Beach Boys, “Guantanamera” by Sandpipers, ”Wrapping Paper” by Cream , ”Mr Spaceman” by Byrds , ”Reach Out, I'll Be There” by Four Tops , ”Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James” by Manfred Mann, ”Gimme Some Lovin'” by Spencer Davis Group, ”Stop Stop Stop” by Hollies. I’ll follow the sun” by Beatles, “7+7 is” by Love. Weather at .45: ”Swingin’ Radio England- Brings you up-to-the minute reports-from the ionospheric weather checker.” Legal ID w Bill Berry: “This is SRE-Swinging Radio England. Broadcasting 4 1/2 miles off the Frinton Essex Coast on 227 metres, 24 hours a day, in excess of 50000 watts of power, SRE-First and Foremost is BOSS!” Jingle: The Boss Jocks(twice) play more music now!”  News at .15: (Jingle)  ”Space News Hotline”-”From the North, East, West and South, this is Radio England news live and up-to the minute at 10,16. B.B.Brannigan reporting in the public interest. Hotline Paris…(4 Hotlines)This is Boomer Brannigan…Hotline Canberra(3 Hotlines)And then the R England Weatherscope reports… This has been B.B.Brannigan for Radio England.(Jingle) The station that keeps you informed. News every hour…More Music NOW![25]

Promos: ”Saturday morning at 8-the Boss Fun 50” ”Sun at 3.15 the Rock ’n Roll Revival Hour w Mark Stevens and Errol Bruce.” ”This song is Boss Sound no.1-1-1-1”

Theme mx: ”The Magnificent Seven” by Elmer Bernstein. ”From the wishing(?)banks of the Thames the all-night buckle of the market…coming burden(???).All England waits, watches and listens as the leaves begin to dawn the fall blankets of many colors. But one thing remains consistent as the season changes-the sound of the International giant, Radio 227. This is SRE Country!”



Not easy to find the winner. The author’s dj hit list of autumn 1966 with some additions from the following year.


1137.5 kHz Nov.9th,1966 1733 R London.  Kenny Everett Show  played Beach Boys ”Good Vibrations” for my 10th time this day, as ”Good Vibrations” w Beach Boys every hour after news.

1034 kHz Nov.9th,1966 0000 R City Edited Pams Radio London weather jingle; Here’s the latest weatherword on-299! The dj announced the Radio City weatherwatch at 12 midnight, and then, after the weather, the station closed for the night after a brief announcement saying that City would be back at 6 with the Early Bird show, and that it was situated off the Whitsable Kent coast. Under the music an instrumental tune by Graham Bond(Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf). Finally the National Anthem: ”God Save the Queen.”

773 kHz autumn of 1966. Radio 390. The address given out as Bessborough Place in London. Also BCM 390 was used.

1320 khz Nov.14th, 1966 1500 R Dolfijn from Mv Laissez Faire. ”Radio Dolfijn-het station voor uw muziek.” Postbus 2964, in Amsterdam            . Dolphin sounds”.

1169 kHz Nov.24th, 1966 1726 R Caroline North. Jerry Leighton show: ”26 past 5, at 6 Daffy Don Allen. Promo for Caroline Cash Cash Casino #3 by Bill Hearne. 400 Pounds in the Jackpot. Sponsors: Weetabix, Alberto VO5, Libbys, Findus. Radio Caroline, London, W1.”Faster than a speed of light, he’s Soopa.” Into Dead End Street by Kinks. Pams jingle: ”The one and only(insert by Big Jim Murphy) Radio Caroline North, where the action is!” Ment. of ongoing test, address for reports: ” Radio Caroline test transmission, PO Box 3, Ramsey, Isle of Man.” Caroline Sureshot by Roy Orbison: ”There won’t be many coming home.” ”Your Super, your Big S man” ment. program schedule tonight: 6 News w Nick Bailey. 6-8.30 Requests and Action show, 8.30 Oral Roberts, 9 Jerry Leighton, 10.30 Don Allen(Don very good w World of Don Allan, C&W Jamboree, Irish Top 30), 12 midnite Baby Bob Stewart, 2 am Test transmission music, 6 back on 199 metres, 1520 kHz.


More about Manfred Sommer, The CE of The Fredericia may be found at http://www.stellamaris.no/origrc.htm


15325 kHz Dec 1966 1930 HCJB Quito, Ecuador Box 69, on Weds.

1137.5 kHz December 5th, 1966 On the half hour Radio London News Tells you more says it better. Dateline Wed Dec.5th. NY, W Germany, Lisbon, Vietnam, Rhodesia, weather 2 degrees Centigrades 36 Fahrenheit. The next news 1 hour away Paul Kay reporting.

1137.5 kHz December 5th, 1966 2158 to 2200  R London. Ed Stewart’s Climber The Temptations I know  I’m losing you.Reports wanted for test transmission, RL, Wavelength, 17 Curzon Street, London W1, Sunshine Superman instrumental. Closing here w ”Big Lil” theme, Paul Kay.

1079 kHz December 5th, 1966 2202  R London. Opening here w ”Big Lil” theme, then Green Green Grass of Home no.6 in the Fab 40, Robert Peters The Fun Loving Kind Big L Climber Paul Kay. 12-2 Chuck Blair from 6 back to Square 1 at least temporarily mentioning the other transmitter we have several 266 Jingle Were gonna move yeah

1349 Dec.24th,1966. 2330 BBMS Knock John, ex R Essex. Dick Palmer closing down stn. Never heard since. Theme: ”Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf”, by: Graham Bond. Dick Palmer: ”BBMS broadcasts 24 hrs a day from the fort Knock John, 22 mils from Southend on the North Sea. On behalf of the staff of BBMS 2-double two Britain’s better music station this is Richard Palmer wishing you wherever you may be a very good night, good morning and bye bye.” Never heard again.


773 kHz Jan.3rd, 1967 2250. R 390. Back on air after absence.

845 kHz Jan 13th,1967 1300 Britain R. Musical Carousel w Graham Gill

845 kHz Jan 22th,1967 1900 Britain R. Johnny Dark R&B Nite Ride

890 kHz Jan.29th, 1967  LKB NRK AskŅy. Sports. Kees Verkerk wins unusual 3000 metres  and World Speed Skating Championship in Lathi.

1295 kHz Feb.8th, 1967 Manx Radio, reported.

1137 kHz Feb.8th, 1967 1700 R London Chuck Blair 3-6, New Canadian dj Lorne King sitting in for Mark Roman 9-12 pm

15050 kHz Feb.10th, 1967 0100 R Libertad, clandestine, gave address as 2113 Ocean View Branch, Miami FL.

15155 kHz Feb.10th, 1967 2130 ELWA, Monrovia, Christian programming.

845 Feb.16rd,1967 1900 Britain R. Jack McLaughlin on Night Beat, before that ”Rush Hours” show.

11720 khz Feb.18th, 1967 2130 Radio Canada International, Sackville, NS ”CBC Northern Service”.

845 khz March 16th,1967 2000 R 355, Mv Laissez Faire back now  identifying "Radio 3-5-5" Easy Listening, similar to 390.  Stephen West on air?           

1320 khz March 16th,1967 2230 Radio 227, Mv Laissez Faire back with close down at 2300 GMT(midnight). Organ music, name of the presenter Jos van Vliet?

1320 kHz March 16th,1967 2305 CKEC New Glasgow, NS(Canada) found on the channel shortly after the Laissez Faire's transmitter was turned off. I thought Radio England had come back! After news 2330: ”So you wanna be a Rock ’n Roll star”, Byrds. Also ”You got to me”, Neil Diamond. And ”A little bit me, a little bit you”, the Monkees. ”Voice and Choice of Pictou County.” Gates 5kW Two Ajax top loaded masts.

1270 kHz March 16th,1967 2310 CJCB Sydney, NS. ”First in Cape Breton.”



920 kHz March 17th,1967 CJCH Halifax, NS. ”Nova Scotia’s Family Station.”  Nice reply from Reg Mc Causland.

1260 kHz March 17th,1967 WEZE Boston, MA. ”Uninterrupted Album Music.”



1130 kHz March 17th,1967 WNEW New York, NY[26]. Jim Lowe’s New York.



What a nice letter from 5th Avenue!


1030 kHz March 17th,1967 WBZ Boston, MA.

1070 kHz March 17th,1967 CBA Sackville, NS.



Shortly afterwards, CBA was moved to Moncton, NB.


1050 kHz March 17th,1967 0200 WHN New York, NY.




WHN, WMGM, WHN again, WFAN, WEVD are calls used on AM 10-50 in New York City.


1210 kHz March 17th,1967 WCAU Philadelphia, PA. Eagles vs.76ers Play by Play  WCAU 121

233 Khz Spring 1967 Radio Luxembourg, Junglinster "Minimax": "Ici Le President Rosko"[27]

1259 kHz April 8th, 1967 2100 R Scotland and Ireland off E N.Ireland: Ben Healy: ”2 miles from the big city of Belfast…a place called Ballywalter…the sound you can hear in the background is the anchor going down, so at last we’re here to stay…”serving Central Scotland and all of Ireland, this is R 242.” Theme and ann: ”On 2-42 metres in the MW band this is your radio in Scotland and Ireland.”

1137.5 kHz April 16th, 1967 R. London 1830 Paul Kay playing Manfred Mann “Ha Ha said the clown” after newscast.

1137.5 kHz May 4th, 1967 R. London 0000 John Yorke on London After Midnight. 1259 kHz May 8th, 1967 2000 R Scotland back off east coast.

1137.5 kHz May 28th, 1967 R. London 1500 Chuck Blair starting his show after new Fab 40 with Rascals Groovin.

1137.5 kHz June 2nd, 1967 R. London Sked 12-3 Pete Drummond, 3-6 Tony Brandon 6-9 Pete Drummond. Whiter Shade of Pale, Procol Harum, Sgt.Pepper, Scott Mc Kenzie: San Francisco. QRM Caroline South spur.

1115 kHz June, 1967 R 270 1000 off Bridlington, Yorks ”The time on 270 is 11 o’clock newstime: Jingle ”Bannerline news” Albert Hopp reporting from 270 Action Central….This has been the latest news from the 270 News and public affairs. The next news in 1 hours time here at…”

1320 kHz June, 1967 R 227. Pams jingle: ”Swingin’ Radio(insert by Dave MacKay: Double 2-7)where the action is!” Address: R 227, Postbus 1390, Amsterdam.

1137.5 kHz July 8th, 1967 1100 R. London 12-3 Tony Blackburn, 3-6 Ian Damon, 6-9 Pete Drummond. 3.30 Keith Skues on news.

1214 kHz July 9th, 1967 0930 BBC Light Program. Keith Fordyce. Easy Beat.

1259 kHz July,1966 R Scotland off Isle of May. Tony Allen playing Martha and the Vandellas: ”Jimmy Mack” , same name as dj on stn.

1137.5 kHz July 25th, 1967 2030 R. London close down announcement after news bulletin: “Here is the announcement you’ve all been waiting for. With the passing of the Marine Broadcasting Bill R London regrets to inform its listeners that after nearly 3 years of broadcasting it’ll be forced to close sown in Mid-August.”

845 kHz  July 29th 1967 0900 Radio 355 mv Laissez Faire Tony Monson show 9-12 show  mention of 355 Easy Listening Hitparade. Bits and Pieces theme tune. 1137.5 kHz August 11th, 1967 R. London 0600-0900 Chuck Blair 0900-1200 Pete Drummond 1200-1500 Ed Stewart 1500-1800 Roman Empire 1800-2100 lan Damon 2100-2400 Willy Walker 0000-0200 Perfumed Garden w John Peel. Last record heard by me ”Jackson” by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra.

1187 kHz August 16th, 1967 1530 Radio Caroline International 1500-1800 Ross Brown; 1800-2100 The Admiral Robbie Dale 2100-2400 Johnnie Walker

1169 kHz Aug,19th 1967 0000 Radio Caroline North Midnight Surf Party w Dee Harrison.

1169 kHz Aug 31st, 1967 0000 Radio Caroline North International w. Don Allen announced it was going ”International”, giving tribute to Isle of Man. ”This is the Northern Voice of Radio Caroline International on 259 metres…”

1340 kHz September, 1967 0100 ZBM-2 Hamilton, Bermuda. ”Hey Joe Radio Show” ”I dig rock n’roll music” jingle w Peter, Paul&Mary. Many refs to Hamilton. Peter Beard. Many mentions of "Hamilton" led me first to believe it was CFGB-1340 in Labrador(Goose Bay, Hamilton Inlet)CKOB Woodstock, ON, or CKLB-1350 in Oshawa, ON inexperienced as I was, also with the inferior dial reading of the Vega Clipper Super.

1169 kHz Sept 16th, 1967 0800 Radio Caroline North International Jim Gordon on breakfast, Jason Wolfe on news, and then Mark Sloane 9-12.

1214 kHz Sept 30th, 1967 BBC R 1/2 synchro 0659 Paul Hollingdale over to Robin Scott, ”Stand by for Switching”, counting down to first Tony Blackburn show and opening of R1,(R2 continuing on 200 kHz) first record no.3 in the Fun 30 by the Move: ”Flowers in the Rain.” Then “Massachusetts” no.15 by Bee Gees. And Tremeloes “Even the bad times are good.” Later Duncan Johnson w Crack the Clue promo Chart-bound from S&G. Emperor Rosko w Midday Spin at 1100.

1187 Khz Sept 30th, 1967 1630 R Caroline International Roger”Twiggy” Day playing Felice Taylor: ”I feel love coming on.”

1169 kHz October 14th, 1967 1505 Radio Caroline North International Ripley Thorne sitting in for Daffy Don Allen.

1169 kHz October 14th, 1967 0000 Radio Caroline North International Midnight Surf Party w Ripley Thorne..

1295 kHz October 21st, 1967 0230 PJD-2 Voice of St.Maarteen. "The Holiness Hour." of The Rev. Russell Oliver Dothage, US preacher in the "screaming" tradition. He was very clear on the fact "due to the Wonder of God this broadcast can be heard all over the West Indies."



Front page of QSL card issued by PJD2 1295 kHz late 1967, signed by the Chief Engineer. The Manager at the time, Robert A.Mayer, also signed some cards.


1280 kHz October 21st, 1967 0230 Unid Religion in English.

1190 kHz October 22nd, 1967 0350 WOWO Fort Wayne, Indiana.wowo



WOWO 1190 QSL dated October 22nd, 1967.


1169 kHz November 1st, 1967 0803 Radio Caroline North International PSA about Foot and Mouth disease after “Caroline Radio News.”

1187 kHz  November 25th, 1967 0900 Radio Caroline South International Glenn Adams sat in for Robbie Dale on 9am-12 noon show as Up with People is in Bergen. Glenn Adams was on KFRC San Francisco, CA Oct.30th, 1967.

1106 kHz November, 1967 AFN, Munich.

935 kHz November, 1967 AFN,Berlin.



A 60s European all-nighter.


872 kHz November, 1967 AFN Frankfurt.

15085 kHz November, 1967 2100 Windward Islands Broadcasting Sce, St.George’s every night w fair signals.




15430 kHz November, 1967 2100 AFRTS Greenville, NC, „Hometown USA“. Rep. from local stns, such as WTTM Trenton, NJ 920 w  local news stories.

15440kHz November, 1967 1900 WNYW Scituaté, MA. Radio New York Worldwide.

1180 kHz December 29th, 1967 0230 WHAM Rochester, NY.

1520 kHz December 29th, 1967 WKBW, Buffalo, NY.





Unid utility station of Bell Telephone in AM Mode(How to Listen 6th Edition, 1971, p.131) approx 1967-1968 on approx 30 mHz


Unid utility station on a railway in AM Mode approx 1967-1968 on approx 30 mHz.


Hams in AM Mode approx 1967-1968 on approx 28-30 mHz.1968



A Bell ad from 1958 picturing the city of Bergen, Norway.


1169 kHz Jan.2nd, 1968 1200 Radio Caroline North Ship’s horn.(Jingle) ”News comes first on the stn w the happy difference. Teleprinter sound. Jingle Bannerline News..That’s the latest from Caroline Caroline International Caroline That’s first for news,”

1439 kHz Feb.1st, 1968 2110 R Luxembourg w. Paul Kaye, ex Radio London. News service inaugurated by Kaye a month later(?), followed by Paul Burnett show.

1187 khz Feb 24th, 1968? 2100 R Caroline International Bud Ballou ending his program w 2120 Michigan Ave by the Stones. May the great dj in the sky look favorably upon you, "Broadcasting 4 miles off the Frinton Essex coast controlled from Amsterdam; Paris; New York and Toronto; this is R. Caroline International on 259 metres. The time now is…” Then Andy Archer sitting in for Johnnie Walker. Complaining about ”his good friend influensa” playing Status Quo: ”Pictures of Matchstick Men.”

1169 kHz Feb.24th, 1968 2200 Radio Caroline North signed off after Don Allen’s Country and Western Jamboree with:”God be withyou till we meet again”, w. Jim Reeves…”in sound, alrighty, so until next Saturday at the same time this is Don Allen hoping you have enjoyed the show  tremendously and of course we’ll be looking forward to seeing you the…well next Saturday at the same time actually what I’m doing now…for a time as I am waiting for something to… up oh by golly..happens. What we gonna have to do is to play a little something live so until we see you at 8 o’clock tom…oh, tomorrow 8 o’clock next Saturday Evening this is Don Allen saying bye bye for now Hope that you have enjoyed the Don Allen(loud) Country&Western JamborEE! w Homer and the Barnstormers’ Cumberland Gap. ”Well, for a minute there I didn’t think we’re gonna make it. Ha Ha by Golly! Nothing was going right for us there. The red buttons were blue and the blue buttons were purple and the Oh Boy! We finally got it under way though. Well, once again that marks a close on the old Country&Western Jamboree here from R Caroline International the Northern station of. We certainly hope you’ve enjoyed the show once again and as I always said it you can always take the boy out of the country but you certainly can’t take the country out of the boy. Well, once again it’s time to put the cap on things. Until next Saturday evening may the Good Lord take a liking to you and God Bless each and everyone of you. Thank you for the many, many wonderful letters showing that you’re a loyal supporter of Country&Western music friends and neighbors. You really don’t know how happy and chest..icated it makes me feel. Well, bye bye for now and have yourself a wonderful weekend won’t you. Good night all!(Bob Stewart?: The Don Allen C&W Jamboree is produced in the studios of R Caroline North, anchored 3 1/2 miles off Ramsey, in the wonderful Isle of Man). Then annx over Jimmy McGriff: ”’Around Midnite”: ”R Caroline North-National and International now leaves the air-to resume broadcasting at 5.45 AM tomorrow morning. We broadcast from studios on board the good ship mv Caroline lying at anchor 3 1/2 miles off Ramsey, in the wonderful Isle of Man. R Caroline broadcasts on a frequency of 1169 kilocycles, 259 metres in the Medium Wave Band. We sincerely hope that our programs and products have pleased you. Speaking on behalf of the Captain, Crew and the radio staff on board, this is Don Allen bidding you good night and above all God Bless!” Then off w. Caroline by Fortunes. Interference from R Renascenća Porto(?), plus R Moscow 1 TS, from Kiev?

1187 kHz March 2nd, 1968 Radio Caroline International 0530-0900 Roger Day 1500-1800: Stevi Merike ”Ladies&Gentlemen-presenting Stevi Merike!” (after applause) Theme song Billy’s Bag(Billy Preston) ”Live this weekend where the action is-on Caroline International!””Thank you very much there..what do you want””It’s music go by time…Caroline-Caroline!” 1800-2100: Bud Ballou(aka Howie Castle) first news: Temps; headlines; jingle: ”This is the news on Caroline!” (news sounder)  ”Weatherjingle: '”Weathersweepingtime”, then rolling sonovox jingle”Cloudy”(?). The stn that keps you informed.” Bud Ballou: "The following program is being brought to you in livin’ color” (Sonovox and chicken sounds) jingle ended: ”Fun Fun Fun Bud Ballou!” Record by Otis Redding: "No. 37 on the survey, the song called Mr.Pitiful kickin’ out there on the Bud Ballou show for a Saturday nite; national date nite, hello there, the 2nd day of March with me my friends, 20, no 19 yeah I think 19 days to the first day of spring! Wow! Jingle: Caroline Caroline, just for FUN!” This is RCI The home of the British Music Explosion  2100-2400: Johnnie Walker Jingle: He’s here, He’s on Johnnie Walker(sonovox) Because they’re young. 0000-0200 Andy Archer

1215 kHz March 2nd 1968 1800 BBC R1/2 synchro ”Country meets folk” w Wally Whyton.

1169 kHz March 2nd, 1968 1800 Radio Caroline North  Roger Scott on from 6-8 Other djs on board Freddie Beare Don Allen Jimmy Gordon Lord Charles Brown

2000 C&W Jamboree. ”One of the nice things  to be said about Frankie Miller is that he protected his boy.”(Unknown voice)”…(jingle)with Sunshine R Caroline. Ladies&Gentlemen America’s… ””The sound that put Sinatra back in the public eye on this brand new Major Minor album. This is available either in stereo or mono just as you request it. This is another classic from Raymond Levéfre Vol II: Lennon&McCartneys’ Yesterday: One of the unforgettable melodies given that Raymond Levéfre treatment that created tremendous popular demand for his volume I. Now by Raymond Levéfre and his orchestra Vol II. Available now on Major Minor MM LP no. 13 at better record counters everywhere.(Big Jim?) Buckaroo w  Buck Owens. At 2200 signed off  with:”God be with you till we meet again”, w. Jim Reeves. “The Don Allen C&W Jamboree is produced in the studios of R Caroline North, anchored 3 1/2 miles off Ramsey, in the wonderful Isle of Man.” Then annx over Jimmy McGriff: ”’Around Midnite”: Close down announcement and then off w. Caroline by Fortunes.

1187 kHz March 3rd, 1968 0500 Unid w non-stop music.

1115 kHz March 10th,1968 2300 Ukesenderen, Bergen.//96,8FM. Carmen intro. Ads for Peter Stuyvesant, Berstad, Ole Bjercke, StrŅmsnes tekniske. Tel: 30358. Sked March 3rd,-17th. March 3rd: 2250-2350. Var. 2350-0010: Quiz(Musical) 0010-0115 Nightradio. Sendersjef: Knut Nes, NRRL.

1070 kHz March 10th,1968 0000 LR1 Radio El Mundo, Buenos Aires.



R El Mundo did often appear on 1070 kHz after midnight.


11710 kHz March, 1968 0830 R Australia, Shepparton

15105 kHz March, 1968 2130 BBC Ascension Relay local ID

15105 kHz March, 1968 2200 ZYZ32 R Rural Brasileira jingle



15145 kHz March, 1968 2200 ZYK33 R Jornal De Comercio, Recife jingle-ID. “A voz mas potente do Brasil.”

15155 kHz March, 1968 2200 ZYB9 15105 R Dif Sao Paulo

15335 kHz March, 1968 2200 ZYU68 R Farroupilha, Pto Alegre

15370 kHz March, 1968 2200 ZYC9 R Tupi, Rio De Janeiro

854 kHz March, 1968 2300 EAJ2 R Espana, Madrid QRM RIAS and the DDR jammers.

872 kHz March, 1968 2300 EAJ101 R Zaragoza

953 khz March, 1968 2300 EAJ29 R Intercontinental, Madrid

1097 kHz March, 1968 2300 ECS4 R Atlantico, Las Palmas, Canary Islands

1124 kHz March, 1968 2300 EAJ15 R Reloj, Barcelona

1142 kHz March 26th, 1968 1505 AFN Bremerhaven 1605 to Nashville Country show followed by local Afternoon Req show.

872 kHz March 27th, 1968 2100 AFN Frankfurt The World at 2200.

1178 kHz March, 1968 2350 R Sweden, Horby, Sweden Calling Dxers w Victor


1578 kHz March, 1968 2330 LKF R Norway, Fredrikstad

6020 kHz March 28th, 1968 1442-1512 R Nederland, Hilversum

15440 kHz April, 1968(Sat) 2000 WNYW Scituaté, MA Radio New York Worldwide Dxing Worldwide. Taped rep from Roy Patrick in Derby, England abt Caroline ships: ”…both ships are at the moment moored in Amsterdam..” Also tape of Johnnie Walker from midnight, Aug.14th, 1967. Steve Grayson: ”Every time I hear that tape it gives me a chill up and down my neck.”

1562 kHz  May 13th, 1968 2300 Radio Veronica, Robbie Dale show, Sun, Mon and Wed in English. Promo in Dutch for ”R. Veronica presentiert: ”The Rolling Stones” show.” “And don’t forget that fun dial is a very groovy spot I tell you.. a new one now from  the Association. ”Six man band” . ”Yesterday” Sonovox jingle used. Off w. ”I was Kaiser Bill’s Batman.” Ad for ”Constance Verlobungsringe.” ID: ”Dit is Veronica op 192 meter”(Tineke) Ad for ”Roch met plajsir, roch Pall Mall Export.” Addr.: Zeedijk 27a, Hilversum, Holland.

1562 kHz  May 18th, 1968 1545 Radio Veronica, Tipparade show. Jingle: ”Live this weekend where the action is”-Promo for ”Veronica drive-in show” w appeareances by Chiel Montagne, Lex Harding and Rob Out.” 1555: ”R Veronica met het nieuws.” Seagull sounds+jingle. 1600 Pips, ad: ”Nieuws of Golden American.” Back to Tipparade show. QRM from Sweden P1 synchro with TS. Txs at Malmö, Halmstad, Varberg, Gothenburg, Uddevalla and BorĆs.

1439 kHz May 1968 0015 R Luxembourg w. Roger Day sitting in, ex Radio Caroline.  “All Summer Long“ by Beach Boys.

1214 kHz Aug 10th, 1968 1030 BBC R1 synchro Emperor Rosko. Jingle: ”Music-pow-pow-pow-Power!” ”The Emperor Rosko would like to thank you for all your letters…”(jingle)”Have a happy holiday(”they’re almost over!), free and easy that’s the way, it’s fun time…” Music: ”Beach Boys w ”Do it again”. Jingle from ”Wheels on fire.” ”Happy trip time 12.39!” ”On the good space ship Mellow Yellow, all is well with the Emperor Rosko!” Music: ”I fought the Law” by  Bobby Fuller 4.

1214 kHz Aug 11th, 1968 1500 BBC R1 synchro Alan Freeman ”Pick of the Pops” from New York. Interview w Shirley Bassey, plus re-broadcasts of WABC, WOR, WNBC, WMCA and WNEW.

1439 kHz October, 1968 2110 R Luxembourg w. David ”Kid” Jensen. 18 Years Old. Ad for Consulate cigarettes, and promo: ”Radio Luxembourg keeping you ahead of the scene, stay tuned.” ”10 minutes part 10 o’clock on a Million Dollar Weekend from Colorful 208, The Rolling Stones and a Golden Grabber!(Little Red Rooster) I dig this so very much! Jingle: “Stay with the winner.”

1190 kHz December 28th, 1968 0107- WBMJ San Juan, PR: ”Back in the USSR w the Beatles. (Honk) ”That’s the Beatles from the Beatles album Back in the USSR, 9.09 WBMJ time, the Charlie Brown show. Ad w catchy Spanish tune, plus ad for ”everybody this holiday season-The San Juan Darlington Hotel.” Into "California Soul" by the 5th Dimension. (Honk) ”WBMJ time…, the Charlie Brown show.” PSA for ”…memorial hospital.” Music by Tommy James&Shondells(”Crimson and Clover”) and Sly&the Family Stone(”Everyday People”) 0220 ”You’re hearing things(2x)on WBMJ 11-90”  0420 …”take you on to headlines w "Stormy" by The Classics IV on the Imperial label…” ”WBMJ time now 20 minutes after 12pm” ” WBMJ eleven.ninety:twenty twenty news is now!" News sounder.”Charlie Brown 20/20 news these are the headlines after 9” Top story abt ”Chmn Russell Long of Louisiana.”… Music by Status Quo ”Ice in the Sun.” Diana Ross&Supremes/Temptations: ”I’m gonna make you love me.”…”It’s one minute after 1 o’Clock on the new  WBMJ San Juan, Puerto Rico, welcome to hour no.4, babies.” Owned by Mid-Ocean Broadcasting Co, with studios in the Penthouse of the San Juan Darlington Hotel. First sounded like a “Radio London 2” but I also thought of the proposed Radio Marina of John Dane, said to be fitted out in Miami![28]

800 kHz December 31st, 1968 0350-0400 TWR Bonaire, good signals!


1070 kHz January 3rd, 1969 2305, 2335 CBA Moncton, NB

1320 kHz January 3rd, 1969 2311 CKEC New Glasgow, NS. ”Yeah, that’s no.17 this week in the CKEC Top 50, Jim Stewart? With memories of… it’s 11 minutes after 7 o’clock…my last country show on CKEC…Tuesday a new program…Promo:”You’re listening to the latest and greatest in Country Music..on the Western Swing Show…with Roy Dole…it’s country music time, friends and neighbors!” “Lee Highway blues” Bluegrass tune up to news at .30. ”Downtown New Glasgow it’s 19 degrees. And now the news in brief up until 7.30. News sounder: CGDE. This is…for CKEC.” Several unid carriers below.

1130 kHz January 3rd, 1969 2318, 2332 WNEW New York, NY

1340 or 1350 kHz January 3rd,1969 2340 Unid w weather report+”Back to 68” playing The Hollies’ Jennifer Eccles” 20 before 8 o clock WPTW, WTTW or similar. WGAW, MA?

1190 kHz January 3rd,1969 2342 WOWO Fort Wayne, IN

1170 kHz January 3rd,1969 2359 WWVA Wheeling, WV. ”This is the 50.000 watts Tower of Power…county…WWVA, Wheeling, West Virginia.” Jingle: ”The nation’s no.1 country mx station+ad.



A West Virginia Tower of Power.


1090 kHz January 3rd,1969 2339  WBAL Baltimore, MD News abt the Attorney General.

935 kHz January 4th,1969 0005 AFN Berlin continued into the night after rest of network had signed off.

710 kHz January 4th,1969 0014 CJOX Grand Bank, NF//CJCN-680. Music: ”Silence is Golden” by Four Seasons.  ”You’re tuned to CJCN and the CJOX Radio… 680 and 710 on the dial.  The new voices of Central and Southern Newfoundland…7 minutes before 9…(at 0040)our time on CJCN, CJOX Radio 10 minutes after 9 o’clock… Music:”Little Arrows”, Leapy Lee. News at 0100 w  news sounder: GCDECDG…37 degrees outside…The weather man is calling for snow florries and a little bit cool. (local show)Radio Newfoundland, CJOX 7-10.



680 kHz January 4th,1969 0016 CJCN Grand Falls, NF.

1520 kHz January 4th,1969 0030 WKBW Buffalo, NY “Wichita Lineman” by Glen Campbell.  Traffic promo: ”Hi, this is Dan Sheriff…You’re at the right spot…WKBW…15-20 Buffalo.…west of the Alleghenys…” ”It’s the no.44 record in the All Time…Gene Pitney.”

1400 kHz January 4th,1969 0030 WALE Fall River, MA Jingle-ID and then ”We’re at the half-way mark!(dj yelling) and into BJ Thomas ”Hooked on a Feelin’

1140 kHz  January 4th,1969 0030 CBI Sydney, NS

1240 or 1250 kHz January 4th,1969 0000-0030 Unid w The World Tomorrow also another w this pgm 0100-0130.

1050 kHz January 4th,1969 0039 CHUM Toronto, ON w Hal Weaver. Record: ”Sittin’ on the dock of the bay” by Otis Redding. ”Thank you Otis, thank you. Oh, Otis, we all miss you, on a Million Dollar Weekend from chum, that’s Otis the great and Sittin’ on the dock of the bay at 22 minutes before 8 at chum getaway spectacular time with Hal Weaver.” Ad: ”If you are getting married in 1969 or know someone who is, listen carefully. Harper Studios, 1969 Bridal offer, 75 Dollars for Color.” Nice Drake acapella jingles:”10-50 chum- Hal Weaver” Into ”Cinnamon” by Derek.”Don’t sleep in the subway” by Petula Clark. ”on a Million Dollar Weekend from chum” ”cold tomorrow-high downtown 19 degrees.” “On a Friday night from CHUM.” Marmalade; ”O-bla-di-o-bla-da” Canned Heat: ”Going up the country”. ”10-50 chum-Million Dollar Weekend” ”Palisades Park” by Freddie Cannon. ”Kentucky woman” by Deep Purple.”19 degrees outside, chum getaway spectacular time”, jingle: ”10-50 chum” ”Son of a Preacher man.” w Dusty Springfield. ”Goody goody gumdrops” 1910 Fruitgum Company. ”Green Tambourine” Lemon Pipers. Jingle: ”Where the beat goes on-10-50 chum!” ”Stormy” w Classics 4. ”All my loving” w the Beatles. ”10-50 chum- Hal Weaver” Music by Dionne Warwick,”Promises, Promises”. Diana Ross&Supremes/Temptations: ”I’m gonna make you love me.” Plug for Chuck Mc Coy pgm. ”10-50 chum-Million Dollar Weekend  Music by Monkees: ”A little bit me, a little bit you”. Turtles: ”Happy Together.” and Sly and the Family Stone: ”Everyday People”. With no headphones the Vega Clipper Super brought the great sound of CHUM into our home all night. It was a great experience listening to 10-50 this night and it has been ever since. Also very good conditions, other station carriers below.[29]



January 4th, 1969: A most unforgettable night.


770 kHz January 4th,1969 0055 WABC New York, NY Cousin Brucie Morrow: ”It’s all here!”

1180 kHz January 4th,1969 0106 WHAM Rochester, NY. Live coverage of ice hockey, w mic nearby loudspeaker system at arena! ”Excellent period of hockey here in Buffalo tonight: Rochester 0, Buffalo 0…after this word on behalf of Pepsi Cola. Ron Mc Donnell.



WHAM had Pepsi sponsored Ice Hockey.


1010 kHz January 4th,1969  0115 CFRB Toronto, ON Kenny Damon song. 0200: ”It’s 9’o clock and time for news from the CFRB newsroom.”

880 kHz January 4th,1969  0124 WCBS New York, NY. ”R.stn WCBS”

1235 kHz January 4th,1969  0130 ZBM-1 Hamilton, Bermuda. Jazz mx.

1020 kHz January 4th,1969  0201 KDKA Pittsburgh, PA News, talk show: ”You are talking about two different things you know.”

1030 kHz January 4th,1969  0202 WBZ Boston, MA ”A look at the weather.” Gary Stevens show. ”Where the beat goes on.”

950 kHz January 4th,1969   0205 CHER Sydney, NS. ”Cheer”



640 kHz January 3rd,+4th,1969  0210 CBN St.Johns, NF News…”Tonight’s hockey was presented by the Turner Take Home. Home of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Gander, Grand Falls and Corner Brook…Kentucky fried chicken in your neighborhood…CBC programming enlightening entertainment. This is the CBC Radio network. Canadian Tyres-you won’t be disappointed. Local ID: ”CBN and CKZN SW St.Johns.”


Kentucky Fried Chicken sponsored CBC Hockey


620 kHz  January 4th,1969 0215 CKCM Grand Falls, NF



Coverage maps of the old VOCM radio network


1290 kHz  January 4th,1969 0220 WNBF Binghampton, NY ”129 News” and sports.

1080 kHz  January 4th,1969 0229 WTIC Hartford, CT Ads

908 kHz February 21st, 1969(Fri) 1800 Der Deutsche Freihetssender 904, Burg. Adr: Postschliessfach 248, A-1021 Vienna.

935 kHz February 21st, 1969(Fri) 1915 Der Deutsche Soldatensender, Burg. Adr: Wener Schütz, Berlin W-8. Potfach 116. DDR.

15440 kHz February 8th, 1969(Sat) 2000 WNYW Scituaté, MA Radio New York Worldwide. ”This is the powerful Voice of NYC heard around the world…WNYW New York…. Played “Worst that could happen” by Brooklyn Bridge on Buddah, “You showed me” w Turtles.  Worldwide Hit Parade w Les Marshak[30]. Right now let’s turn to surveys in other countries as supplied by…”

15440 kHz February 15th, 1969(Sat) 2000 WNYW Scituaté, MA Radio New York Worldwide. Played  Sly&Family Stone, Marvin Gaye&Canned Heat. Promo: ”Turn on, tune in, but don’t drop out…stay in school and graduate…”Jingle: ”The All-American Sound.” ”ABC Information Network  Global Medium jingle.

17760 kHz February 22nd, 1969(Sat) 1600 WNYW Scituaté, MA Radio New York Worldwide s/on wx from WRFM:”...Mostly sunny and cold today.Today’s high in the low 30s, clear and cold again tonight, with low temps around 20 in the city and in the teens in the suburbs.Tomorrow it should be partly cloudy and continued cold, high in the mid 30s.In New York under mostly sunny skies the current reading is 25.(Newsjingle)..WNYW newsroom. Hear news on the hour and half hour on WNYW…the international affiliate of CBS Radio.”


WNYW News came from WRFM, ABC Information and later CBS. Ad from WRTH 1968.


9650 kHz March 1st, 1969 1355 R Peyk-ye-Iran, clandestine.   

9550 kHz March 1st, 1969 1455 Bizim R, clandestine.   

21525 kHz March 1st, 1969(Sat) 1600 WNYW Scituaté, MA Radio New York Worldwide s/on. You Baby, Mamas&Papas.

15030 kHz March 1st, 1969 2230 R Euzkadi, clandestine, BP 59, Poste Centrale, F-75, Paris 16, France.

701 kHz March 2nd, 1969(Sun) 0100-0200 R Andorra w Caroline Revival Hour w Daffy Don Allen.. In Spanish until 1 o’clock and then  Rachel announced "un program exceptionnel en langue anglaise…Radio Andorre diffuse alors un program souvenir en hommage ą Radio Caroline, la radio pirate de mer du nord qui avait du cesser ses emissions un an plus tot, le 2 mars 1968.” Ann. In EE: ”It’s exactly a year today that Radio Caroline went off the air.” Ad for Opus Magazine. Then ann. In EE:”Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, this is Don Allen speaking. And by the courtesy of Radio Andorra on 428 metres…the Caroline Revival Hour.” Then followed a recording of Johnnie Walker at midnight Aug.14th, 1967 on Caroline South. Then ann. ”On Radio Andorra we’d like to remind you you’re listening to the Caroline Revival Hour…the man who’s responsible for bringing you the CRH: Yves Kuhn!” Address: CRH 94 Nogent, France. Message from Jason Wolfe.brought to you on 428 metres over Radio Andorra.” Jingle: ”Caroline-the Sound of the Nation.” Records by Smothers Bros.(…on 428-that’s Radio Andorra), Gary Lewis, Beach Boys, Syndicate of Sound. Message from Bob Stewart, followed by Bob’s theme tune. Message from Stevi Merike. Ad for National Commercial Radio Movement. Speech by Yves Kuhn. Record by Al Martino: ”Auf widersehen.”  Also EE tests March 12th-14th.. Also rep. is ”Underground music” Saturdays 0000-0100. Addr.: Yves Kuhn, 68 Blvd Gambetta, 94 Nogent, France.

1214 kHz March 14th, 1969 1500 BBC R1 synchro Dave Cash Radio program. Good show with funny drop-ins “This record is voted no.1 down at Joe’s place” “Will you accept this from an adoring listening public” and Joe South: ”Games people play.”

21525 kHz April 4th, 1969(Sat) 1600 WNYW Scituaté, MA Radio New York Worldwide s/on. “Mendocino” by Sir Douglas Quintet.

1214 kHz April 21st, 1969 BBC R1 synchro Kenny Everett show where Kenny sings ”Happy birthday to you, Your Highness w Butler(Crisp) saying: ”Very comfortable in the Tower of London, Sir” Into Jackie Wilson, ”Your love keeps lifting me higher.”

1220 kHz  December 21st,1969+Dec.22nd, 1969 CKCW Moncton, NB

760 kHz  December 23rd,1969 ZFY R Demerara, Georgetown. Everready batteries ad. The World of Sports. “This is the intensive sound, Radio Demerara- The Voice of Guyana”. ”Radio Demerara-The World of News.”



1235 kHz December 26th,1969+December 28th,1969+December 31st,1969 0130 ZBM-1 Hamilton, Bermuda.



Front page of QSLcard issued for receptions Dec 26th, 28th and 30th by Mrs. S.Dill at ZBM1 1235 kHz 1971.


1180 kHz December 28th,1969 0000 PRG9 R Globo, Sao Paulo

960 kHz December 29th,1969 0140-0150 CHNS Halifax, NS

1178 kHz December 30th,1969 0044 Two versions of Nilsson’s Everybody’s talkin’. Ad for Mazdal-La Perfecta Lampa. Mention of America central. Also Dec.31st. R.Peninsular Huelva?

670 kHz December 29th,1969 0025-0034 YVLL R Rumbos, Caracas

1180 kHz December 31st,1969 0158 WHAM Rochester, NY tentative. ”Spotlight on Sport”

1190 kHz December 31st,1969 0211 English stn playing Sandie Shaw. WBMJ?

1240 Khz December 31st,1969 LU10 R Azul . Moved shortly after to 1320kHz.


1280 kHz January 1st,1970 0300 WABK Gardiner, ME ”W-A-B-K Gardiner…5000 watts, 12 degrees, partly cloudy skies…I am Jim T..”

1280 kHz January 1st,1970 0130 CKCV Quebec, PQ Ad for ”Restaurant Jim Howe” French. At 0319 “Suspicious Minds” and” Walk Don’t Run ’64”. Also CBA-1070, WEZE-1260, WNEW-1130 and CHER-950

1080 kHz January 1st,1970 0245-0300 WTIC Hartford, CT

1295 kHz January 1st,1970 0000 Manx Radio as usual into the night on New Year’s Eve. Peter Kneale and others in studio. Also daytime Jan.2nd.

1050 kHz January 1st,1970 0055 WHN New York, NY ”…snow tomorrow and it will remain cold…a high of 36. Our temp right now is 24 degrees with winds out of the NW at 8 miles per hour…wind chill factor makes it feel like 10 degrees. Humidity 48%, the barometer 30-31 and steady and now  WHN news this is John Connolly, it’s 6.55….WHN-Second Hour underway.”

710 kHz January 1st,1970 0150 CJOX Grand Bank, NF. Local requests, excellent strenghth for 1000 watts.”7-10 on your radio dial, good new year.” ”CJCN-680 Grand Falls, CJOX 710 Grand Bank…Happy new year, we do read your letters. Let’s continue our program. Jesus loves me, this I know.” Later network-ID:”The CJON Radio service.”

1060 kHz January 1st,1970 0245 CJRP St.Nicholas stn-Quebec City, PQ Sweet Caroline in French. 3 250 feet towers.

1080 kHz January 1st,1970 0246 WTIC Hartford, CT: ”Happy new year from WTIC from Greenland to Rio de Janeiro. Here’s the big sound of Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé.”

1250 kHz January 1st,1970 0312-0330 CKBL Matané, PQ in // to R.Canadá.

Also 950 Belgrano, 690 Progreso.

1061 kHz January 1st,1970 2317 Voice of the West, Portugal in English.

1330 kHz January 2nd,1970 0000 News. ”And now, Mr…”

760 kHz January 2nd,1970 0117 LV Barranquilla. Local ID. RCN-jingle 0125.

750 kHz January 2nd,1970 0120 JBC Port Maria,  Point Galina, Jamaica! Someday we’ll be together” ”That’s Diana Ross&Supremes here on the all night happening…OK. Let’s get ahead now with much more soul power from the BIG J.”




1070 kHz January 1st,1970 2324 YV Radio Zulia, Maracaibo. Strong, many IDs.

750 kHz January 3rd,1970 0100 JBC Point Galina. Pams jingle: ”You’re always 1-2-3 jumps ahead..73 degrees. ”Stay with the JBC in 1970!” ”Keeps you weatherwise” QRM YVRS R.Caracas with Extra Noticias, sponsored by Esso.

1060 kHz January 3rd,1970 2341 KYW Philadelphia, PA ”And now the next call.”

1050 kHz January 3rd,1970 2341 R Nacional, Caracas

760 kHz January 5th,1970 0025 YVOQ R Puerto La Cruz. ”Magica de Frequencia”



834 kHz January 5th,1970 0058 R Belize. Ad for antenna. then ”R Belize-Voice of the new…” First the headlines.  

640 kHz January 5th,1970 0100 CBN St.Johns, NF

750 kHz January 5th,1970 0100 JBC Point Galina. ”You’re listening to the Jamaica BC-The news up to the minute.”

740 kHz January 5th,1970  0210 CBL Toronto, ON. News

760 kHz January 5th,1970 0103 ZFY R Demerara, Georgetown-”This is R Demerara The Voice of Guyana-The stn with the pleasant evening sound.”

950 kHz January 5th,1970 0105 CHER Sydney, NS: ”I’d like to take this opportunity…good dxer friends in Scotland and Scandinavia…”10-9-8-7-6-5-cheer!” Shocking Blue mx: Venus. 23 degrees in Cape Breton…”Cheer-power!” Sly and the Family Stone: “Everyday People.” Steam: ”Na na na, hey kiss him goodbye.” ”Steam Radio.”

1280 kHz January 5th,1970 0142 PRG9 R Tupi, Rio De Janeiro

840 kHz January 5th,1970 0200 R 4VEH, Pt.-au-Prince, Haiti. ”LV Evangelique de Radio…” 

630 kHz January 5th,1970 0201 CFCY Charlottetown, PEI. Also 0232. 

1190 kHz January 5th,1970 0211 WBMJ San Juan, Puerto Rico

1000 kHz January 5th,1970 0222 CKBW Bridgewater, NS

960 kHz January 5th,1970 0225 CHNS Halifax, NS. Peggy Lee. 0227 News, weather, sports. Friendly R 96.

740 kHz January 5th,1970 0245 CBL Toronto, ON 

770 kHz January 5th,1970 0255 WABC New York, NY. News at .25 and .55. Beatles: It makes me cry.

640 kHz January 6th,1970 ORTF Arnouville-Pointe-á-Pitre

770 kHz January 6th,1970 CX12 R Oriental, Montevideo

1060 kHz January 6th,1970 0211 CB106 R Mineria, Santiago de Chile.

1466 kHz January 7th, 1970 2315-0110 R 205 via Monte Carlo 1 Harley Street, London W1 Underground mx.

1605 kHz February 11th, 1970 2000 Radio Nordsee International off Scheveningen test transmission w Roger Day&Horst Reiner.”This is the sound of young Europe, Radio Nordsee International on test transmissions. Please write to us at: RNI, PO Box 113 CH-8047 Zurich in Switzerland. Jingle: ”RNI, RNI, RNI Radio Nordsee International.”

1607 kHz February 18th, 1970 2000 Radio Nordsee International  test transmission w Andy Archer playing ”Broken hearted Pirates” by Simon Dupree and the Big Sound commenting, ”We’re not broken hearted anymore.”

1313 kHz February 27th, 1970 2300 Ukesenderen, Bergen.//96,8FM.

1607 kHz February 28th, 1970 1800 Radio Nordsee International. Opened w Big Lil, Cuckoo clock and Horst Reiner: “Soeben war’s 6 Uhr. Then Roger Day: It’s 6 o’clock. Strange noises, Man of Action and Let it be. Mixing problems. Less successful dual-language transmission.

1610 kHz March 4th, 1970 1800 Radio Nordsee International. CW-QRM.

1295 kHz February 28th, 1970 1455 Manx Radio. Porter Wagoner. This is the Don Allen Country Jamboree. Jingle: “The stn that’s all heart” w Daffy Don Allen closing the Country and Western Jamboree (2 to 4pm) with God be with you till we meet again. Similar closing announcement as on Caroline North, but “… in the studios of Manx Radio, Douglas, in the wonderful Isle of Man…” by Bob Stewart. Then jingles…Fun Time Manx Radio, and Wonderful weekend with your radio, plus…and the time is exactly 4 o clock. Its time for TV tonight sponsored by Walton records Ltd, Athol Street in Douglas.

6210 kHz March 23rd, 1970 1900 Radio Nordsee International Alan West show w spec announcement by Carl Mitchell: ”Ladies and Gentlemen, the Mebo 2 is now leaving the coast of Holland…to the people of Great Britain we can only say: w are on our way!”

1607 kHz February 28th, 1971 1800 Radio Nordsee International off Clacton QRM HM Coastguard.

1578 kHz April 10th, 1970 1800 Radio Nordsee International on new frequency. Duncan Johnson: ”This is RNI, Radio Nordsee International, Europe’s only all day music station”.. pos given as 51 degrees 30 minutes N, 1 degree. 17 minutes East.” ment. 190 metres, 1578 kHz, 6210 kHz and FM 102. Sked 0530-0200. Bulova watches sponsor of on-hour TC. Veronica also was here for a spell in December 1969. QRM LKF, Fredrikstad, Norway

1578 kHz April 15th, 1970 G.. Naval stn, Rochester jamming RNI

1385 kHz April 30th, 1970 2200 Radio Nordsee International on another new frequency. Test ann. w Mark Wesley.

1232 kHz May 13th, 1970 2200 Radio Nordsee International on 4th new frequency.

1232 kHz May 21st, 1970 2200 The jammer follows RNI.

1115 kHz June 14th, 1970 2000 Capital Radio testing from International Waters off Noordwijk. ”At the beginning of the long tone the time will be…hours. This is a test transmission from Capital Radio. Capital Radio transmits on 1115 kHz, 270 metres in the MW band, broadcasting from the mv King David anchored in International Waters.” ”Chief Engineer, PO Box 270, Bussum.” Händel’s Water Music Theme.




1466 kHz July 4th, 1970 2300 R Geronimo via Monte Carlo Rock mx w Sally. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from midnight til 3 a.m promo for a mail order business in gramophone records, over boogie mx, addr.: 1Harley Street London W1.

1232 kHz June 21st, 1970 2200 RNI reverts to this ID after brief spell as Caroline. Enormous jamming signal, this time from Canewdon.

6210,4 kHz July 3rd, 1970 Rogaland Radio, Norway: ”This is a transmission from the Norwegian coast station Rogaland R. The transmitter is operating in single side band mode, upper side band, with a carrier frequency of 6210,4 kHz. The purpose of this transmission is to clear the channel of unauthorised and out of band broadcasting…” Jams Radio Nordsee International.

1232 kHz July 4th, 1970 Radio Nordsee International off Clacton said it would close down and actually go to Africa! Possible to hear it at 8 o’clock at night. Sierra Leone per stationery?




1385 kHz Aug 3th, 1970 2200 Radio Nordsee International off Scheveningen back here heard in Oslo. Mark Wesley playing Cat Stevens ”Lady D’Arbanville”.

1367 kHz Aug 24, 1970 0000 Radio Nordsee International TOH ID w Carl Mitchell o/theme ”Man of Action”: This is RNI-Radio Nordsee International, the Voice of Europe, the Sound of the World. Broadcasting on 220 metres that’s 1367 kilocycles in the MW band, in the SW on the 49 m European Band, 6.2 megacycles, to the world on the 31 m band 9.94 megacycles and to the South and West of Holland in the VHF band 100 megacycles. And now the right time from Bulova is exactly 1 o’clock. Bulova-the inventors of Accutron-the electronic tuning fork watch.” Weird Beard jingle.

9940 kHz Sept 20th, 1970 1200 Radio Nordsee International Top 30 show, counting down the hits: ”10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-1-1-1”

6205 kHz Sept 24th, 1970 1000 Radio Nordsee International surprise sign off, said it wanted to protect R Veronica. Goodbye pgm hosted by Alan West and Andy Archer: ”Together we will say good bye”  ”Long and Winding Road” w Beatles, Jingle: ”Your best friend station.” and ”Peace” w Peter.

1010 kHz  December 25th,1970 WINS New York, NY ”All news-all the time”



1310 kHz December 26th, 1970 2335- R Sovereign, Brighton area, claimed to be in International Waters. Nominal 1324.5 kHz. ”You’re listening to Wild Child on Radio Sovereign.” Kinks: Sunny Afternoon. Pams Power of Music jingles. Theme from Tommy w Assembled Multitude.”You are listening to Radio Sovereign the Power of Music, broadcasting 24 hours a day on 226 metres AM in the in the MW…and on 103, 5 mHz FM in the VHF band…Our ship is the mv Obiap anchored in International Waters 10 miles off the coast of Eastbourne, Sussex at a position of 50 degrees 41 minutes 53 seconds North, 0 degrees, 15 minutes 50 seconds East. If you would like to write to us our address is Schipperstraat 1, Scheveningen, Holland and Schipperstraat is spelled…and that’s in Holland.  All your letters will be answered and please remember that the postage from England is 9p.

0000 And now stand by for Mr. Justin Mc Kenzie. I should have known better by the Beatles. Radio Sovereign..bcasting off the Eastborne coast in Sussex 24 hours every day. Thanks to Wild Child for a very professional program, into No.1 in Big 30 Johnny Johnson&Bandwagon: Blame it on the Pony Express.” 0030 News read by Greggy Woovit after ”A kind of love in” jingle by Julie Driscoll/Brian Auger: ”Sovereign news every hour on the half hour. This is Greggy Woovit bringing you the big stories of the hour. The main newsline…(echo)… And now a look at the weather. Minus 12 Centigrades…severe icing on our two antennas…de-icing…reduced power…Jingle: ”2-2-6(Sonovox)-gets with it now-Another hour of music power, mention of dj Bill Henderson. 750 watts.

1280 kHz December 26th, 1970 0058 WABK Gardiner, ME ”Counting down the top 100 for 1969” ”WABK will bring you the…High School basketball…over your no.1 stn for sports-W-A-B-K.”Into Dave Edmunds-I hear you knockin’.


Beskrivelse: rsovereign226


Was Elsa Kissel Andy Archer, who broadcast on this station?


950 kHz December 26th,1970 0205 CHER Sydney, NS. Newsjingle preceding ”The first Christmas-This is the day that was.”, dramatic rendering of the Birth of Christ. ”Cheer” ”C-H-E-R-and the beat goes on.” 3 Dog Night music, jingle: ”Super Hit One-Hit One…Into George Harrison, My Sweet Lord. Jingle: ”C-H-E-R Music Power Play.” Partridge Family Music. ”Cheerie.” Into Supremes: ”Stoned Love.” QRM KS Kotlas, USSR Beacon, ident approx 20x per minute.


Beskrivelse: ckbc2


CKBC sent excellent personal reply from receptionist Margaret Wood. Mentioning stn has a Collins 10 kW, two towers and is directional NE in 57 degrees.


1360 kHz December 26th,1970 0220 CKBC Bathurst, NB Good signals! Christmas music, on hammond organ and live Season’s greetings: ”Today families everywhere…the blessings of home and friends…the management and staff of Burns Equipment Ltd. of King Avenue downtown Bathurst…Merry Christmas with the hope that you have received your share of all that’s good and all good things will be showered on you in the new year ahead. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all your friends at Burns Equipment Ltd, King Avenue in Downtown Bathurst….May the good things of life be yours in full measure and may joy and happiness continue uninterrrupted throughout the new year to come. This is a sincere wish of Don Mc(Cargill?)…Heating at 692 Garden Street…Your friends at Ashe’s Auto… Shop at 285 Gilford Court wish to thank their many customers and friends for their faith in us during the past year…take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year—sincere wish of all your friends at Ashe’s.” Excellent personal reply from receptionist Margaret Wood. Mentioning stn has a Collins 10 kW, two towers and is directional NE in 57 degrees.

740 kHz December 27th, 1970 CBNM Marystown, NF

750 kHz December 27th,1970 HJDK LV Antioquia, Medellin

930 kHz December 26th, 1970 0100-0200 CJON St.Johns, NF 10000 watts. QRM ”SW” beacon in Estonian USSR. 10000 watts.




A frequent and welcome guest almost all year!


1190 kHz December 28th, 1970 0230 WBMJ San Juan, Puerto Rico. Barefoot on Tandberg transistor without external antenna!

760 kHz December 31st, 1970 YVOQ R Puerto La Cruz.

770 kHz December 31st, 1970 CX12 R Oriental, Montevideo.


1367 kHz Jan 28th, 1971 2000 Radio Noordzee Internationaal off Cadzand testing w non-stop mx.

1367 kHz Feb 14th, 1971 2000 Radio Noordzee Internationaal off Scheveningen testing w djs Alan West and Stevi Merike easily recognizeable.

1367 kHz Feb 21st, 1971 1300 Radio Noordzee Internationaal opening w  tone, fanfare and Alan West: “RNI music on your dial 20 hours a day. PD Vic Pelli and Stevi Merike(“on the broadcasting boat”, finally all dj names revealed: Also Martin Kayne, Tony Allen, Dave Rogers and Crispian St.John. ”At the top of the hour-RNI-Smash Play.”Into Waldo de Los Rios: ”Mozart 40.”

1367 kHz March 6th, 1971 0800 Radio Noordzee Internationaal w first Dutch dj: Jan v Veen ex Veronica. Also Joost den Draayer.

1457 kHz March 5th, 1971 0030 BBC World Service tests, from Folkestone

1466 kHz March 5th, 1971 0030 R Monte Carlo  International, Dave Cash Tommy Vance and Kenny Everett. ”MCI”. Started  Jan 16th.

1190 kHz March 11th, 1971 0025 WBMJ San Juan. PR

1070 kHz March 11th, 1971 2320 ORTF Cayenne

1110 kHz March 11th, 1971 2345 YVQT R Carupano

760 kHz March 13th, 1971 0210 ZFY R Demerara

764 kHz March 13th, 1971 2320 R Senegal

1020 kHz March 13th, 1971 0000 YVRS R Margarita

1230 kHz March 13th, 1971 0150 LT2 R Splendid, Rosario

15345 kHz April 1st, 1971 Norwegian Seamens Mission program from TWR Bonaire.

640 kHz April 6th, 1971 0310 YVQO Ondas PorteĖas, Puerto La Cruz

650 kHz April 6th, 1971 0235 YVLH R Girardot, Maracay        

719 kHz April 6th, 1971 0300 BBC Cyprus

760 kHz April 4th, 1971 0110 ZFY, R Demerara, Georgetown

760 kHz April 4th, 1971 0025 YVQQ R Puerto La Cruz, Puerto La Cruz

770 kHz April 4th, 1971 0115 YVKK R Nacional, Valencia

860 kHz April 6th, 1971 0435 ZYD68 R Mundial, Rio de Janeiro

910 kHz April 6th, 1971 0250 YVRQ R Aeropuerto, Maiquetía

1000 kHz April 6th, 1971 0240 YVNM R Mil, Morón        

1020 kHz April 6th, 1971 0315 YVRS R Margarita, La Asunción

1060 kHz April 6th, 1971 0030 CB106 R Minería, Santiago

1070 kHz April 5th, 1971 0005 LR1 R El Mundo, Buenos Aires

1110 kHz April 4th, 1971  0130 YVQT R Carupano

1130 kHz April 6th, 1971 0230 YVRU R Litoral, Macuto

1210v kHz April 4th, 1971  0125 R Coro, Coro                

1230 kHz April 4th, 1971 0135 LT2            R Splendid, Rosario

1295 kHz April 5th, 1971 0025 PJD-2 Voice of St Maarten, Philipsburg

4760 kHz April 5th, 1971 1730 Air Delhi

4970 kHz April 5th, 1971 0200 R Rumbos, Caracas

692 kHz April 9th, 1971 0030 Congo, Kinshasa

750 kHz April 8th, 1971 0130 YVRS  R Caracas

760 kHz April 8th, 1971 2340  ZFY R Demerara, Georgetown

760 kHz April 17th, 1971 2315 R Baghdad, Salmon Pak 

800 kHz April 9th, 1971 0010 TWR Bonaire

820 kHz April 8th, 1971 0255 HJED La Voz del Río Cauca, Cali

910 kHz April 9th, 1971 0145 LR5 R Excelsior, Buenos Aires

925 kHz April 8th, 1971 0350 R Victoria, Aruba

950 kHz April 8th, 1971 0130 LR3 R Belgrano Buenos Aires

1020 kHz April 8th, 1971 0140 YVMX R Calendario, Maracaibo                      

1060 kHz April 8th, 1971 0110 PRD2 R Emissora Metropolitana, Rio de Janeiro

1120 kHz April 8th, 1971 0110 YVMF Ondas del Lago, Maracaibo

1190 kHz April 8th, 1971 0200 WBMJ San Juan, PR     

1235 kHz April 8th, 1971 0100 ZBM-1 R Bermuda

1403 kHz April 8th, 1971 2345 LV Révolution, Conacry

4762 kHz April 8th, 1971 1845 RTV Togolaise

1335 kHz April 23rd, 1971 2340 R Caroline Int, unid  pirate.

1070 kHz April 24th, 1971 LR1 R El Mundo, Buenos Aires       

1320 kHz April 28th+29th, 1971 2255-2305 R Nigeria, Miliken Hill-Enugu. 10 kW Gates BC-10E. 300 ft tower.

6205 kHz May 16th, 1971 0800 Radio Noordzee Internationaal. 5 pips. ”It’s 8 o’clock-(jingle)RNI News. The latest reports from around the world.” Radio ship hit by bomb and set on fire the night before, but still able to broadcast.

880 kHz May 22nd, 1971 0130 PRK9 R Inconfidźncia, Belo Horizonte

1010 kHz May 22nd, 1971 0115 LV16 R Río Cuarto,  Río Cuarto

1180 kHz May 22nd, 1971 0045 ZYD65 R Globo, Rio de Janeiro

1280 kHz May 22nd, 1971 0155 PRG3 R Tupí Rio de Janeiro

1320 kHz May 22nd, 1971 0000  Unid pop pirate, very probably Channel 70, Dublin

1330 kHz May 22nd, 1971 0125 PRI8 R Cult Aracatuba QRM

1330 kHz May 22nd, 1971 2345 ZYE25 R Liberal, Belem many carriers audible below!

1335 kHz May 22nd, 1971 2345 Radio Caroline Scotland w Scottish mx

1340 kHz May 22nd, 1971 0115 PRH6 R Guarani QRM many carriers audible below!

4765 kHz May 22nd, 1971 1835 RTV Congolaise

4804 kHz May 22nd, 1971 1900 VO Kenya

4911 kHz May 22nd, 1971 1855 R Zambia

3232 kHz June 6th, 1971 2015 R Brazzaville

3265 kHz June 6th, 1971 0100 LM Radio, Lourenco Marques, EE sounded like All Ireland (or Islands) Radio. Ann. 327 metres. IDed by Larry Magne in SCDX.

1345 kHz May 22nd, 1971 0015 R Caroline International Dublin City. 100 watts. ”The time is 1 o’clock. ”This is Radio Caroline International broadcasting from Dublin City on 100 watts. RC broadcasts to you on 227 metres in the MW band. Dept D4 BIRM 8 Bristol gate, Kemptown, Brighton, BN2 5BD England. Operator  Wiliam Ebrill states in QSL that aerial pointing to Scandinavia has been taken down.

1230 kHz June 6th, 1971 0225 LT2 R Splendid Rosario

890 kHz June 20th, 1971 0100 LV11 Emisora Santiago del Estero, Santiago del Estero

930 kHz June 20th, 1971 0235 CX20 R Monte Carlo, Montevideo      

960 kHz June 20th, 1971 0240 LRA6 R Nac Mendoza

1000 kHz June 20th, 1971 0255 PRB9 R Record Sčo Paulo SP

980 kHz June 20th, 1971 0140 ZYD70 R Nacional Rio de Janeiro

1100 kHz June 20th, 1971 0245 PRG9 R Nacional Sčo Paulo

1349 kHz June 20th, 1971 0000 R Pyrgos, Dx-program





From EXCEPTIONAL LOGGINGS 1967-1971 by the author





New York



Ondas de los Médanos




R Progreso

San Pedro de Cacocum?




New York



R Nacional Venezuela

Ciudad Guyama



R Maracaibo




R Station 4VEH

Cap Haētien



R Caribbean








CBC TransCanada Net








R Comercial

Santo Domingo



R Sutatenza




R Station 4VEH

Cap Haētien



R Nacional




R Santa Fé




Antigua BS

St. John's




St. John



R Portales




R Mil

Santo Domingo



La Voz de la Costa








Ceará R Clube




R Juventud




La Voz de la Libertad/Broadcasting Tropical

Puerto Plata




La PocatiŹre







R La Crónica












Unid in Japanese

















St. Pierre











BBC Eastern Relay

Masirah Island
















The story continues on



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